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Top modeling porn site to enjoy, especially if you are looking for the hottest, freshest girls of the web! The AmazingModels is true to its name, and though it’s a rather new website, it has everything you need when it comes to watching sexy girls’ photos and videos. As you can learn from this review, this adult site has models HD videos, high quality photos, and regular updates for you to enjoy!

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Website Layout

When you open the AmazingModels, the first feeling you will feel is amazement, as the girls on the tour page have everything a man would like to see: nice bodies, cute faces and a whole load of sexiness shining from their photos. As we embarked to make this review, we’ve found out only good things about this portal. First of all, the girls are gorgeous, but that’s just expected from a modeling site. What may be even more important for most of you who enjoy browsing modeling videos and photos, is that the content here is perfectly exclusive. It’s a major feature, and we are glad to report that the AmazingModels has this feature.

Another huge benefactor is the weekly update schedule, which they keep strictly: though only one set of photos and sometimes a video are promised, there is usually more. This is why the site has more than 200 sexy videos and a gracious number of over 460 photo sets. Unregistered visitors of the AmazingModels have the option to preview the videos. These are short clips with a “leave it to your imagination” approach, as the girls don’t get naked in them. However, as they twist and bend, as they touch their body and smile, you will fall in love with them in no time. There are no preview galleries, but the videos are convincing enough.

Also, if you are interested in what’s going on with the site, you can view the dropped and the upcoming updates under the “Updates” menu. As you will see, there is a lot going on! As far as the actual features are concerned, you are going to find a simple, somewhat outdated user interface when you enter the members’ area. There is the main menu, with the following options: Models, Galleries, Videos, Update, Support. You will probably use the Models and the Galleries menus, as they lead to the goodies of the AmazingModels. There are no more navigation tools, which means that you have to browse the collection page by page.

Well, of course, the picture galleries are better to browse after saving them. To make it easier for the members, at the AmazingModels the photo sets are individually compressed, so in case you have a crush on a model, you can start to download her sets. After the downloads have finished, you can use your favorite picture viewer to set up a slideshow, and since JPG is the most common format nowadays, if you have a big smart TV, you can view the photos on its large screen too! The videos are added in a streamed format and as a downloadable file. The browser viewing isn’t the best option, as it offers the only max. 400p resolution. However, if you download the scenes, you can enjoy “HDV” resolution, up to a neat Full-HD. The clips are mostly in AVI format, but since they are not long, they have an average size of 300-400 Megabytes. The download speeds are good, so you could save the stuff you like fast. With the weekly updates, this sexy modeling site is a good choice for beauty-seekers.

Models & Video Quality

The AmazingModels has only seven models, but they are the hottest girls we’ve seen in a long time. Can’t tell their origin for sure, but their names suggest that they are of European origin. Well, the company is based in Netherland, so we are probably right. The girls are fresh, that’s for sure, and they have their gorgeous body intact, with no modification on it. The models are amazing, and though there aren’t many of them, they have a load of content added, and they look hot.

For example, there is the sexy Mila: she is a blonde cutie, with a tight body, a truly sexy smile which can twist your mind easily. This seducing vixen shows off her public assets, though as it’s a modeling site, she won’t go fully naked in the first minute… later, though, she shows you everything! In case dark haired girls are your ideals, Angela, Nelly, and Emily will be the girls you have to watch. Emily has curly hair, and she is a brunette actually, the rest of the models, are blonde, so if you like hot blondes, then Grace, Diana, and Jane are the models you should seek. The videos are strictly of modeling nature, which means the hotties start with their clothes on, and they strip naked while they dance, turn, bend and twist. In the end, they make you see everything!

Final Resume

The AmazingModels should be one of the main sites you visit regularly, especially if you had enough of the hardcore porn. The girls are gorgeous, eager, and well… they are just damned hot! You should visit the AmazingModels when you are horny, but don’t necessarily want to jack-off the one-eyed snake.

The photos look great, and though the background is sometimes weird (especially the harsh colored ones) the overall satisfaction is guaranteed. With the weekly updates, the AmazingModels will keep you hooked for a long time!

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