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We have to hand it to the Asians, when it comes to porn, they absolutely have a lot to offer the world. There are a lot of people who just enjoy watching Western porn. We absolutely believe, though, that the Western porn videos that you are watching right now, would not be like that today if it weren’t for Asian porn and its many influences.

Asian porn stars are also some of toughest porn stars we’ve seen – to be able to endure those weird and unique fetishes that they have. Asian porn is really pretty awesome. It’s different and it deserves more than the attention that it is currently getting. Hence, in order to contribute to the promotion of Asian porn, we are going to talk about a really awesome and hardcore all-Asian porn site today. This porn site is called AsiansBondage, and you can tell from the name itself that it’s going to be intense and exciting.

According to the porn site’s tagline, it is where you will get to enjoy different kinds of intense videos like those that involve candle wax, whipping, hard anal, rope sex scenes, and more. So if this is your kind of porn genre, then we are sure that you are going to enjoy every minute of your stay in AsiansBondage.

What’s more is that if you sign up for AsiansBondage, it is actually part of a bigger network of Asian porn sites, so you will get access to more intense and sexy sites as well at no additional cost. Just think of all the content that you would be able to enjoy by just signing up for premium membership for just one porn site. And because we know that you are already thinking of signing up, let us assist you with that and give you a few informations about the membership. Just enter the information required which are the username that you’d like to use, a password, and your email. That’s it! It won’t even take you three minutes. After filling up that short form, you may now select the plan that you like.

They have different options for you to choose from: a two-day trial, a monthly plan (which is actually the most popular choice according to the site), a one-month option, a three-months option (that gives you a really awesome discount), and finally a six-months plan (which is currently discounted at half the price!).

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Website Layout

The design of the porn site is reminiscent of anime. If you are a big fan of anime or manga, then you will get that vibe from the design of the porn site. Having said that, the overall theme of the porn site is Japanese, and it makes us think that there are only Japanese girls here. However, due to the general “Asian” term on the name of the porn site, it would be safe to assume that there are other Asian ethnicities here and not just Japanese.

We are absolutely impressed by the graphic design of the banner of AsiansBondage. Personally, it is one of the best that I have seen so far. The design looked like it was well thought of, which to me translates that the videos on the porn site are probably just as creative. (Edit: I have already finished touring the entire porn site and I have concluded that the videos are not just as creative, but more. They are definitely more awesome than the banner).

Scrolling down, you will then see the different previews of their latest videos. These previews are very detailed and they contain different-sized thumbnails that show high-resolution screenshots of their high definition videos. Aside from the screenshots, these previews also contain a short synopsis of what the video is all about to give you an idea of what’s happening even before watching it.

Models & Video Quality

This leads us to the next part of the review – the girls and the porn site’s contents. I apologize if I have already inserted above as an edit how awesome the videos were. The reason is because I simply couldn’t wait to share it with you guys! The ladies here are all hardcore and they have earned my respect. Of course, they are all Asian, most of them are not too tall, black-haired with black eyes. However, due to the “cosplay” nature of some videos, it is not surprising to see the girls here in costumes wearing different-colored wigs and contact lenses.

The videos are also very creative and they contain different stories. I will never tire of emphasizing this. This gives you a lot of video choices to choose from and enjoy. They have also covered a lot of ground when it comes to hardcore sex so be prepared for a very exciting ride ahead – and don’t say we didn’t warn you! Just remember that in every single video, whether she likes it or not, the main porn star will reach orgasm, and when she gets there, it’s going to be really hard and electrifying!

Final Resume

It would be an understatement to say that we have enjoyed this porn site because we did not just enjoy it, but we were impressed by it. The tolerance of the ladies here are pretty amazing, cheers to you guys for making porn more exciting! It seems that once you go AsiansBondage, you will never really get to enjoy regular porn ever again.

Every other type of porn will be boring already, but don’t worry, if you indeed sign up for membership with them all of their videos are guaranteed to be more exciting than the last!

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