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For a lot of us, porn is always the ultimate go-to whenever we feel a little (or a lot) sexually frustrated. Because of this, we would always want the best of the best, even if it means paying a lot for it. Of course, it just disappoints whenever we come across something that was good at first sight but inevitably just sucked all throughout the remainder of the time, not to mention we paid good money for it. Good for us, though, in this time and generation, we are blessed with an equal mixture of both good and bad porn, and we do have reviews to help us with.

One of the most famous things people like about porn is that it is raw and it is just lewd. You get to choose your preferred types of women, as well as scenes. All in all, it is just about you and what you specifically want. For me, I do love my daily dose of Asian beauties, Japanese girls to be exact, and I get that from a really good porn site called AVTits.

Like the site title implies, it is all about adult videos that present girls with really wonderful looking jugs. AV would mean “Adult Videos” and the term is often used in certain parts of the world like Japan rather than the word ‘porn’ since it has a more “classy” sound to it. Anyway, the site has so much content at this point on and is practically the perfect place to find great Japanese sex videos.

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Website Layout

AVTits is one of the many porn sites being managed by JAV Bucks and it seems that all these porn sites are given the same simple website designs. Because of its simplicity, though, one’s attention could not stray from the content. You will notice how the porn site itself is a manifestation of minimalism. It basically sports a white background and black fonts, other than that, all seems to be in place and working the way it is. The navigation in the site is amazingly simple and uncluttered, while the user interface is regulated, shipshape, conventional, and very user-friendly. Every single thing here is arranged the way that is very easy to comprehend and understand. In an overall aspect, the site is pretty spick and span.

The site is essentially a paid site and before you can access all its features, you will have to sign up for a membership before anything else. There are a lot of payment plans you can choose from and if you access the porn site sign up from another website, you will get a special discount. You can check that one out in AVTits itself when you click the ‘Join Now’ button. Also, there is a one buck trial membership which you can access but that thing only gives you three days of the site and you will only somehow manage to watch a few scenes and view a few number of photo galleries. Speaking of which, the site hosts about 800+ photo sets that contain about 60+ photos each inside. You may download these photo sets in zip files or merely save them individually. You will be glad to know that all of these photos are in hi-res and usually have a pixel resolution of 1600 x 1200.

There are tons of things to be done here like commenting on each video for other people to see (you can interact using that), you can rate each scene to your liking, add your preferred videos to your favorites for easy access later on, check out the model index where you would see tons of information about your favorite Japanese girls like their names, heights, weights, ages, eye color, hair color, their birth dates, their birth place, their ethnicity, and their measurements – you could say that the information department is surely complete. You will see most of the links on top of the site and you could say that they are all self-explanatory. The home button, the videos button, the categories button where you can find all the content tags that the site caters to, the model’s page, and the support page. Both the ‘model’ and ‘categories’ buttons are in the form of a drop-down menu and are very easy to use and access. The site is amazing when it comes to utility. The site also has different sorts of browsing tools but does not have an advanced search engine.

Models & Video Quality

There are tons of girls here in this porn site and a good number of them are of Japanese descent and ethnicity. With their cute faces, different shades of hair color, sexy bodies, and meek personalities that obviously mask a horny, slutty persona, you will have a hard time removing yourself from this particular adult site. You have girls like Nami Itoshino, Alice Ozawa, Kaede Niiyama, Tiara Ayase, Hikari, Rei Sakamoto, and many others that will tickle that boner fancy.

The videos here are all of great quality, showing you the raw and hardcore sex scenes these gorgeous girls engage in. You may download the videos or the scenes in MP4 or WMV format, or watch them in your browser using a Flash player (make sure it is updated). There is no download limit and there are a variety of resolutions available for you to choose from. The resolutions go as low as 1020 x 720 and go as high as 1920 x 1080.

Final Resume

AVTits is obviously an amazing place to immerse yourself in and it is the best place to find amazing, uncensored sex scenes. I am totally recommending this adult site for all of you out there who love your fair share of Asian porn and really beautiful Asian ladies. Not only do you get quality, you get great quantity.

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