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BrutalCastings is the perfect name for a porn site that showcases hot fetish videos. Representing the BDSM niche, this adult site focuses on the true power of persuasion. In many castings, there are shy girls who are not willing to go all the way. Often, the power of sweet words does the trick but when words do not work, the casting agent proves that he is not there to play. He employs the use of slavery and rough BDSM to make them follow all the instructions that they are given and to ensure that the shy girls ‘let lose’. If you need a good escape from reality, BrutalCastings is the perfect site for you. Brought to you by the FetishNetwork, the adult site will prove that there is still a lot to enjoy in the adult world, there are no excuses whatsoever on why you would not have a good time as a member of the site.

BrutalCastings was only launched in 2015, therefore, this goes a long way in explaining its limited amount of content. When it comes to the adult industry, we already know that the most famous porn stars do not make a name for themselves overnight. It takes them years of performing to rise to the top of the charts and with the same aspirations, the models on BrutalCastings arrive at their casting calls with the hope of entertaining you. As they will soon realize, it takes much more than good looks and a tight pussy to get to the top. The fresh faces find out that their invite to the fashion modeling agency is anything but. The site goes to places where many new and old porn sites are afraid of going. The evil manipulation of a horny life is brought to the front and center. BrutalCastings embraces an enjoyable storyline that focuses on fresh faces. The site offers a fresh perspective to what we may have already seen times before only that it focuses on brand new performers and offers a concept that cannot be surpassed by many. The newcomer’s performances may be the best that you have ever seen. You will be glued to the screen from the beginning to the end of the videos.

There is no doubt that you will be cringing at some excessive scenes but for the most part, you will be sitting back in relaxation and utmost enjoyment. The content is clearly tailor-made for you. Currently, BrutalCastings has 15 ultra HD videos but worry not, there are promising weekly updates that guarantee members a growth on the site. The weekly updates fill up the site with a variety of scenes and a lot of photos for you to enjoy. The videos can be enjoyed in 540p lower resolution and 1080p HD. All the time, the videos are crystal clear and you will not be disappointed by what you see. The site’s professionals are focused on bringing you the best at all times and needless to say, BrutalCastings ensures that it fulfills all of its promises. When signing up for BrutalCastings, members of the site sign up for the entire FetishNetwork, therefore you will not only get to enjoy the 15 available videos and daily updates, you can make the most of the entertainment by watching all of the videos that the networked sites can provide. If you enjoy pussies that are incredibly tight, this site will fit perfectly into your entertainment schedule.

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Website Layout

The main membership area will fuel your boat with a lot of excitement. All of the content has been arranged in a really enticing way and you would not be sure where to start enjoying the content from. “Our sites” is a section that offers all the members access to the promised bonus content. The temptation of clicking on them during the tour is beyond imagined but do not get destructed.

The top of the page has a massive FetishNetwork logo thus you will know that you are in the right place. The 15 sets are in ultra HD format and they can be enjoyed in the best of clarity. The galleries also contain high definition images. However, the content can only be streamed online.

Models & Video Quality

The fresh faces on BrutalCastings all have one thing in common-they came for an audition that never was. The last thing they expected was for their agent to turn into a horny monster but this is where the refreshing action stems from. In the same vein, you may have a good idea of what to expect. All the scenes are scripted but despite this, the fresh faces act like they did not have any idea of what was going on. If you appreciate sexual encounters that come out of the blue, you will have a great time on this site. Every moment of entertainment counts. The girls kick things off by showcasing some skin but when the agent asks for more than they are willing to unveil, they have a problem getting comfortable.

The girls range from Latinas to Europeans, therefore, you will be able to enjoy the variety that BrutalCastings has to offer. Mia Scarlet is a shapely model who gets her asshole pounded hard. On the other hand, Sabrina Banks’ hair gets pulled in all directions as she gives the agent deep throat sex. The big cock disappears inside her mouth. She does not seem to care about this because she is willing to do everything to become a famous model. She leaves with a cum-covered face but we are not sure if her dreams have been fulfilled, I guess we will never know. On the scenes, you will also enjoy Rachel Madori who tries to break free from the sexual encounter without succeeding and Macy Monroe who gets her pussy stretched beyond its boundaries. You will always have a good time on this site.

Final Resume

BrutalCastings is the real deal in the provision of the most amazing content. The videos are presented in HD and the concept is one that has not been fully tapped into. The adult site is as raw as it gets but every hardcore moment is worth it. You will realize this only by signing up for the action.

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