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ButchDixon is a renowned name in the adult gay porn industry. It represents muscled and hairy men who love getting down and dirty with each other. If you are a staunch lover of movies that feature irresistible men getting some bareback action, then the site, ButchDixon was most definitely created with you in mind. In order to ensure that you get enough of them, this official site brings you to action in double doses. As it is known and loved by many porn lovers, ButchDixon has quickly become the best entertainment portal that there is. It is a platform that effortlessly offers you a daily fix of pleasure. I must say, ButchDixon thoroughly delivers.

The site generally comprises of a group of hairy and muscled guys who cannot help but indulge in gay sexual pleasure. It does not matter if you are straight, lesbian or bisexual, as long as you have got a heart that is pumping in your chest, you will be able to thoroughly enjoy all that this hardcore platform has to offer. Men with muscles stands and we are big hung are all found on ButchDixon. The site has given us the dance to break the Twink-watching cycle that we are so much used to. Their large cocks are flying around delightfully and you will admire all that the built bodies have to offer. The scenes feature a mix of masturbation and group sex scenes. It is great that the sites try to diversify for all of its loyal members. This is the reward you get for signing up to this entertainment portal.

ButchDixon does not suffer in terms of quality especially because all the videos are in HD format. You will enjoy all of your crystal clear viewings and without a moment to be missed. The only replays you will be making is that which solely entices you to watch the action again, simply because it was too entertaining to surpass. Whether you choose to stream or download the videos, they will still maintain the same level of clarity. You can choose to go for viewership that ranges for up to 4200k for older scenes while the scenes that have been recently uploaded boast of a quality of over 5200k in streaming. Members of ButchDixon can also enjoy extras such as a blog, twitter feeds and an incredible number of bones.

The site has been beautifully crafted with all of the rightful elements in place. All the site’s models are clearly photogenic and highly talented in front of the cameras. You can pick up a few useful skills from this site. Body hair and muscle lovers will get a kick out of the 315 scenes and 817 sets of 130 images each. The flicks are approximately 20 minutes long and these are the twenty minutes that will always be the highlight of your days. Let’s find out what this site has in store for you.

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Website Layout

ButchDixon’s tour mirrors what you will be able to get from the site. There aren’t any false upsells that make the site seem like what it is not. As you scroll through the pages, you will realize that navigation is pretty straight forward and you do not have to go through a lot of hustle to make the most of the collection. If you want to explore the collection, the preview clips will come in handy. They will show you exactly what you will get of you sign up to the platform. The homepage has numerous filmstrips that will allow you to watch all of the sample clips without any technical issues.

The site has a list of latest videos, hottest videos, and upcoming updates. This enables you to keep up with the site’s update schedule. Anytime you log in, you will be excited for the fact that ButchDixon has something new in store for you. The site’s director also picks out a few flicks that he finds outstanding in order to entertain you. There are bonus links that lead you to all of the extra footage that you will enjoy. The flicks can be sorted by date or user rating. Either way, you choose to access them, you will have a great time when enjoying them.

Models & Video Quality

Granted, ButchDixon has the hottest men in gay entertainment. Although the site’s name may sound like the general name of a person, it represents all of the men individually. The men’s physical attributes are undeniable and that is what we simply love about them. The muscle could never be too much for us and for six years in a row, the site has faithfully entertained and has kept us coming back for more. The models are a mix of both Americans and Europeans fresh faces to those who have left these years long behind them but are still interested in carnal desires. However, they all give you pleasure at its best. They excite you and make you eager to find out what they have in store for you.

It is clear that they spend a better part of their days working out in the gym as their muscles are a testament to this. On the scenes, you will meet regulars like Carlo, Isaac Jones, Fabio Stallone and Harley Everett. These are men that we absolutely love from other gay adult platforms and on ButchDixon, they still bring their A-game. Some amateur men are also featured in the scenes and they have made a brilliant name for themselves in the industry. You can now enjoy these sex gods in any language as the scenes are not only available in English. ButchDixon films are shot in Spanish, French and also Italian. You can enjoy them as you thoroughly please and you certainly will.

Final Resume

ButchDixon is a great adult site not only because of its exclusive content and showcase of masculine hairy men, the site is focused on ensuring that its members get the very best. This includes consistent updates and entertainment that you may not find across all other platforms.

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