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ButtFormation is a fine softcore porn site introducing a new concept in porn. Nowadays, more people are becoming more aware of the significance of being physically fit and healthy. As humans, it is only natural that we desire to be in our best state. Our best state just happens to include being physically fit and healthy. In order to achieve such state, one must not only follow a particular dietary lifestyle but also engage themselves in physical activities.

With ButtFormation, you finally watch ladies engaging themselves in rigorous exercises that will surely make you want to join them and be physically fit yourself. ButtFormation features hot and amazing models with bodies that you’ll give anything just to be able to touch.

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Website Layout

ButtFormation’s design is somewhat in the middle of being simple and sophisticated. With a simple yet effective concept for their videos, they are able to add a bit of elegance to the looks and feel of their website. The website itself is easy to browse through, it has a lot of useful features that you can utilize during your visit. Their search tool is also easy to use; you definitely wouldn’t have a hard time searching for videos that you think will best suit your taste.

ButtFormation does not feature a lot of photos on their website but it makes the visit even more exciting. It gives you something to look forward to before watching a video; you will never know what you expect other than the ones written in the description of each video. Their uploaded videos are surprisingly organized and in order. Unlike some other sites, this website doesn’t look messy because of how they organize and arrange their videos. I can’t really see any flaw in this website. It lets you enjoy and relax as you watch hundreds of girls perform exercises in various positions and in different angles.

The website doesn’t really have a lot of bonus offers but they do provide you with a loyalty award; whereas you can get access to other websites with every extra month that you continue subscribing to the website. It’s not a bad offer considering that you will not regret ever signing up for this website anyway. Don’t deny it. You love seeing hot girls wearing tight workout clothes whilst doing squats. I mean, who doesn’t? It’s definitely quite a beautiful sight. ButtFormation lets you state at any of their model’s asses all day long without consequences. It’s a win-win situation for guys who love that sort of thing.

The concept of this website is definitely something that you’ll love. It’s original and unique. They give exercising a fresh new look. Exploring something new has always been thrilling; this is what ButtFormation will make you feel. Porn has explored so many levels of erotic lovemaking and this concept is quite a new take on the industry. I have no doubts that with this theme and concept, ButtFormation surely isn’t going away anytime soon even if you wanted them to. They are just too good. 

Models & Video Quality

Other than their unique theme and concept, another thing to look forward to with ButtFormation is their women. The hot, sexy models wearing tight clothes showing off what they got. No doubt these stars are used to performing in heavy and rigorous exercises given that they have such voluptuous bodies. They look just perfect no matter what angle you look at them. You just can’t resist but stare at them. The best part is, you don’t have to be scared of getting scolded because these girls WANT you to look at them. They want you to love and appreciate the bodies that they’ve worked so hard and are still working hard for. They want you to salivate as they show off to the world the product of all their diet and exercise. They want to show that they are physically fit and healthy and they are proud of it. These girls are definitely worth the visit.

With the HD quality of the videos, you are sure to watch these girls without the worry of any terrible quality. It will feel like you are with them and not just be watching. The quality will make your porn look real. Not only that, the videos are mobile friendly and you can download them anytime, anywhere. So you are able to watch it anytime you wish. The videos are available in mp4 format so it’s definitely convenient for you. You can carry around your porn anywhere.

ButtFormation will surely not get you bored; they have over a hundred videos and are uploading new ones regularly. Each video explores a different genre so you will have plenty of high-quality videos to choose from. From threesomes to casting scenes, ButtFormation will surely provide you with the best quality porn in the State. 

Final Resume

There is no doubt that ButtFormation will continue to become more successful as time passes by. Their concept is something that is not to be taken lightly, neither is their sexy girls. They have plenty of features and options that will surely make every visit entertaining and fun for the users. The website is fresh and edgy; a great look for a site that’s experimenting around with new concepts. It’s just perfect for ButtFormation. The girls will surely appreciate you if you come and visit their website for a few minutes. Who knows? You might just surprise yourself.

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