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CFNMCollege is a website that caters to people of all ages and all sexualities. It has a wide reach and following, Clothed Female Nude Male is quite a famous network in the porn industry and it is no doubt they have such a reputation given that their content is something that is unique and interesting to see.

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Website Layout

The design of the website is very tastefully done. Attention has been paid to the theme of the website and there is a lot for you to see and notice. If the video is based on chicks, you will see the video presented with a backdrop of a crumpled paper from a notebook, the title, and description as if written in chalk on a teacher’s chalkboard and the video itself of course following the theme with women dressed provocatively in high skirts and white shirts ending on the belly button, the men of course stark naked in front of them.

The website features a dark red background that fades into black, almost symbolising the harshness with which the men are treated in the videos. CFNMCollege believes in its content so it doesn’t lay too much emphasis on a glossy logo, just a bold and white lettered simple font and a phrase that reads all boys, something which is worth a mention considering a lot of the males look hot owing to their shrivelled egos matching their little dicks being ashamed in front of women.

Models & Video Quality

It is not just raw sex scenes, CFNM always tries to assimilate a fun factor to their videos, be it the format, the story, the backdrop, the design or the presentation of the videos, CFNM delivers on all fronts. And although their content is not gigantic, you will be content with it because of the quality of their videos. Watching CFNM you can lay back and just have a good laugh or get horny and bang one out, either way, its all fun.

CFNMCollege has a lot of women on the website, and almost all of them are hot bodied and very attractive to behold, with their blonde hair tied up into a ponytail, manicured nails and sweet innocent but mischievous looks, these women will steal your hearts away and you won’t be able to look away from them. There are a bunch of video series where women take discipline classes for men who have broken the rules. Guys are stripped down and checked for blue balls, measured and sometimes anally and digitally fucked with instruments and such. It is pretty unsettling considering if it is a guy watching these videos, otherwise, I think if women watch, their inner dominatrix persona is awakened and they will enjoy watching.

CFNMCollege has a lot of videos for you to see, their collection may not be huge, but you can choose from 38+ videos and scenes which have been carefully thought out and produced for the users to see. You can download these videos in MP4 at 640×480 resolution and also in WMV format with the same resolution. You can also browse their collection of pictures which is around 48 galleries with 30 pictures in each gallery.

On the mobile, though, CFNMCollege does well, the site is optimised for devices but the pictures appear a little grainy, viewing in the dark is a little difficult owing to the background but video playtime is very smooth given the resolution is little so there is no lagging there.

Final Resume

CFNMCollege is a pretty good website if you want to watch some interesting porn, they definitely won’t disappoint in giving you a hard on and the theme and presentation of the videos will be refreshing and sure to bring a pleasant smile on your face.

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