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There is nothing better in life than watching an amateur girl give you one of the best jerk off sessions of your life. This is for the simple reason that when you actually have sex, the girl that you have sex with is probably going to look nothing at all like a porn star. As a result, when you watch porn you are going to want to see real girls, you are going to want to see girls that look like the girls that are all around you. It is important to keep in mind that when you are watching amateur porn, however, a lot of the time it’s not really amateur porn. After all, how can you be really sure that this whole thing was not staged in order to make the most effective amateur porn video possible? The thing is, there are very few sites out there that give you true amateur porn, porn that does not cheat in any way and shows you real girls doing normal things and having a good time. One of these sites is called CheckOutMyChick.

This site is special because it does not offer porn videos per se. Rather, it offers you videos that girls have taken of themselves, either solo or with a guy or another girl, and the great thing is that these videos have not been produced professionally in any way at all. This review will attempt to describe to you what’s so great about the site so you can decide for yourself whether subscribing to it would be a worthy endeavour or not.

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Website Layout

The layout of this site is unique in a lot of ways. Firstly, it is not very video based, rather the homepage is designed to give you a taste of what the site is all about. This is rather interesting because it puts the focus on the experience as a whole. It is pretty clear that CheckOutMyChick is very different from pretty much every single porn site out there in that it is not trying to just give you something to quickly jerk off to and then leave. No, this is a site that is trying to give you anything and everything that you would want, and in order to properly understand just how good this site is you will need to look at it as more of an interactive experience rather than just a quick fix.

The colour scheme really adds to the feel that this site is trying to portray. When you start to watch videos on the site, the colour scheme will have already put you in a very fiery mood indeed. In fact, you are probably going to want to jerk off even more because that is just what this sites overall layout and colour scheme is going to do to you. The best thing about the colour scheme of this site is that the site creators have chosen pink as the colour to base their site on. This is great because pink is a really cute and innocent colour and it gives you everything that you would want from a site that is showing you videos and pictures from real girls. This adds to the ambiance of the site, and helps you get into the mood of watching some videos that girls took and have no idea that you are jerking off to!

Affordability is the hallmark of this site, and you can opt for a 30-day recurring, 30-day non-recurring and 90-day recurring membership, and you will obviously be more interested in the 90-day recurring membership that will save you quite a lot of money in the long run.

Models & Video Quality

There are a lot of videos on this site, and that is putting it mildly. There are so many videos on this site, in fact, that you are going to have a very difficult time getting bored here. The best thing about the videos on this site is diversity. You just have so many different options when it comes to the porn on this site, because the videos themselves don’t really have a particular genre, they are just videos that were not made by any kind of professional production crew.

It’s important to take into account the fact that these videos span pretty much every kind of porn you would be able to find anywhere else. You find anal videos, videos of girls using toys, videos in which the girls get into some really exciting positions indeed. It’s a lot of fun to go through the list of videos that this site provides you with, because each and every video seems like it has something new to show you. The biggest problem that a lot of people have with porn sites is that they tend to get boring after some time. This is not the case at all with CheckOutMyChick. You only get the finest porn here, with each video having something new to provide you with.

The girls in these videos also have a real innocence about them that is very endearing indeed. You never feel like these girls are trying too hard or faking it. In each and every video on this site you are able to find that the quality of porn remains as high as it possibly can. It is very important to note that with all of the terrible porn that is out there, a site like this is truly a rare find, and a dream come true for people who are truly into amateur porn.

Final Resume

Out of all of the amateur porn sites that are available on the internet, this is perhaps the only one that tries to give you the most genuine experience. It is important to note that while you are watching the porn on this site, the subscription charges are going to be ridiculous. Hence, it is highly recommended that you just go for it and subscribe to this site. It’s going to be light on your wallet and will provide you with enough porn to last you a very long time indeed!

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