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Chicago is a big city, and it is the home of many ethnicities and cultures. On this site however, you are not going to find anything about that, as it offers you the finest – mostly Black – booties of Chicago town. These flicks are plain hardcore, they feature some home-made sex and juicy butts. The content comes from the folks behind the RemedyEntertainment, and they are always looking for fresh chicks.

Joining the site is beneficial, because apart from its videos, you will receive a pass to all sites of the company, so hundreds of exclusive content is waiting for you.

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Website Layout

It looks like the guys at the Remedy really like if their sites are black and shady. It’s either this, or they know nothing about site design. Whatever might be the reason, the girls here are going to make you interested in the membership as they look varied and hot, even the BBWs, whom no everybody likes. The menu is at the top, but you shouldn’t concern yourself with it the actually hot tour starts under the banner.

The ChiTownBootyWatchers has tour consisting of several pages of the content, the list of the included sites, and a bunch of features listed. It’s not our task to decide if it’s a good tour or not, but we must say they should offer more, like some preview clips or something. But, let’s see what they have in store for us in the members’ area. There are going to be a few menu options, but overall not much changes after logging in. The best you could do is to start combing through the videos’ list of the site.

As the videos are amateur by nature, they are not available in bigger resolutions than 480p. This means that they may be exciting, and at least their loading and downloading time is good. There is a streaming option for the flicks, so if you wish to get on with the action quickly, then you should live with that option. There are some download options too, but if you choose the biggest quality you won’t have to wait too much for the download to finish. You are going to find a selection of photos too, and those are even better. Photographs are always somewhat higher in resolution, since basic machines can shoot fine pics and this site supports this claim. View them in the browser or save them, it’s your choice.

Models & Video Quality

On the ChiTownBootyWatchers, you are going to find girls from ChiTown. Now, it’s totally fine if you expect here Asians, as the ChiTown would be a good short of China Town, but in this case it refers to the city where the RemedyEntertainment headquarters are located: in old Chicago Town. There is wind sweeping through the streets, and hot Black women waiting to show their assets to horny porn-site owners.

This collection is fine, because it has Black girls mostly, but in difference with other series of the site, the focus isn’t only on big Black girls. You will see some very fine, tight girls too, with amazingly hot booty and tight snatch, longing for a hard cock… also, they don’t mind being captured during the act. Next time when you are in Chicago, you should be careful, or you could end up banging one of these hotties. If you like them, you are going to be happy to know that they have done several videos for the company, so you can enjoy many of these chicks in other sexually explicit, and certainly hardcore scenarios. You are going to find here some BBWs too, so if they are your fantasy-girls, feel free to explore all their juicy holes and layers. Regarding their expertise, we have to say that they are not the big professionals – they are rather amateurs, and you will find here a lot of porn first-timers too.

These videos are shot by the same guys, seemingly in the same environment, so you won’t see too much setup, and in a few cases, you can see that the action just happens, and the room is a bit chaotic. We can’t tell for certain, but it seems that these are literally in-house videos, and they are taking place in the home of the guys who are shooting these flicks. They don’t use too much equipment, apart from the camera’s lights there are no spotlights which gives a truly amateurs feeling to the whole thing. Also, the girls seem to wear their own make-up, or they don’t wear any at all.

You are going to find here big collection of porn videos, and the girls you can see in them are really fine, sexy pieces, who are really desperate for money, so they choose the easiest legitimate way to get some: by shooting porn. This is a plain hardcore collection, there isn’t anything too hard taking place. Though the site-name tells about booty, you will get here only a bit of that, there is no actual booty-fetish and worshipping featured.

Final Resume

When you are going to go through the scenes of the site you will see that there are several cute girls, and BBWs here, and also the things they do looks hot. Though the flicks are not fresh, and the quality isn’t the best the collection is satisfying overall, so it might be a good choice to watch these videos, especially if you are looking for hard sex and a varied models’ database.

The included extra porn sites have some good stuff too, and though a few flicks are listed on multiple sites, every site offers something different.

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