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The ChristophClarkOnline is the official site of porn actor and director Christoph Clark, offering the members a large number of porn videos, presenting some of the heavier hardcore niches of porn. Mr. Clark has a long record in the porn industry, he started his career back in the offline times, when porn was distributed on videocassettes and discs (do you remember the VCD disks?). He was born in France, but he found success in Hungary, establishing his porn studio, the EuroAngels in Budapest. The videos produced by him are distributed through the ever-famous John Stagliano’s company, and site-network, the EvilAngel. The videos produced by Christoph Clark are usually anal-themed, and they cover a large variety of heavier niches connected to anal sex. There is gaping, ass-to-mouth and ass-to-pussy scenes, so if you are looking for videos from the darker kind, than these will satisfy your bastardly needs. All women appearing in the scenes are pornstars, and they usually Europeans, and since the company is based in Hungary, you can see how perverted the Hungarian pornstars can be. All videos are produced in a professional manner, and the newest scenes are all available in HD and Full-HD. Don’t be surprised if you see Mr. Clark himself appearing on the scenes, because one of his traits is that he directs the actors during the shooting. Since it’s one of the EvilAngel sites, it’s just evident that you get some neat bonuses if you become a member of the ChristophClarkOnline. Don’t expect just some bonus videos collected from here and there, no, you get 24 unique sites attached to your account and you can browse them all from one members’ zone. Each of these sites are from different studios and they offer you some really varied porn, and they are suitable especially for those who like heavy hardcore porn, like gaping or monstercock sex, and a lot more.

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Design & Features

The ChristophClarkOnline looks like as you would expect it from a professional site. This layout welcomes you on many sites of the EvilAngel network, with some alterations in colors or options. There is a slideshow on the top, presenting you some of the featured scenes, and it’s followed by the menu, which gives you the options to browse the videos and the network sites. This site should be proud, since the mobile version is working like a charm, it loads fast, and it’s fully optimized. Another important thing to mention, that it looks great, the layout, the design, and thumbnails too. Both versions are offering the same tour that lets you watch trailers and browse through the videos. The members’ zone has the same build, only you can find inside categories tags and a pornstar database too. ChristophClarkOnline lets you watch the videos online in high quality in a large embedded player, and it also offers lower settings if you could experience problems. The download possibilities are many; there are multiple formats and quality options, including some mobile formats too. There are also some galleries offered to you for viewing or saving, though it seems that not all videos are published with pictures attached. If there is a set, you receive the option to save it in a zip file.

Girls & Videos

The girls in the videos of ChristophClarkOnline are all professional pornstars. Since the studio, and Mr. Clark’s company is based in Europe, the girls are all Europeans, thus many of them are Caucasians. Don’t worry though, there aren’t much talking in them here, and if there is, the girls usually speak in English. The girls are rally varied, though there are hardly any ethnicities present there. The differences between the girls are usually found on their bodies: some have nice medium natural tits, while other has some big fake breast, and even their lips are loaded with Botox. While you enjoy the movies on the ChristophClarkOnline, you will see that some of them are fresh cuties, and another part of them could be considered MILFs and cougars. The show the girls put on is very exciting, and if you start exploring the site, you will see that there are lots of things happening with them. The main niche of the ChristophClarkOnline is to provide heavy hardcore porn, and fulfill the audience’s lust for gaping asshole and hard sex. The scenes on the site are coming from DVDs of Mr. Clark, who also appears in the videos, either as an actor, or as a director (his feat is to walk onto the stage and direct the scene during actual actions). The length of the full movies is usually more than 120 minutes, and on the ChristophClarkOnline, you can watch them as scenes. Christoph Clark, just like most of the European porn directors is an ass-maniac, because all of the scenes he directs feature anal penetration. The girls are going through not just heavy pounding and one scene usually presents multiple heavy hardcore niches, like deepthroat sucking, double penetration, rough sex or squirting. The movies you can find here are well-made, and not just the sex is exciting but the video quality is high, and it seems that the newest scenes are usually shot in HD. The size of the collection will also satisfy your, because on the ChristophClarkOnline you will find the scenes from more than 122 two hours long DVDs. The scenes are varied in the aspect of length, but they seem to be come in average length of 30 minutes; the current number of scenes is around 680 at the time of this review, so it’s a really large and exciting collection for you, and with the regularly coming updates it grows significantly as time passes.

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