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The adult business is sometimes seen with prejudice. With popular sites and companies focusing in rough performances, it is not unusual to see people advocating that the sex portrayed in porn movies have no relation to reality, and are bad representations of human sexuality. However, this same people who complaints about hardcore porn are the same that forget there is much more besides the hard sex. Hundreds of sites are specialized in softcore porn, artistic movies and even solo presentations of beautiful models. Class Media is one of this companies that explore the tender and subtle aspect of sex and relations. Focusing in the sensuality of their models, Class Media makes content for a more classic audience, to people who enjoys a sex performance closer to real-life sex. Class 3some, a new site produced by Class Media, explore group sex with this same philosophy, making all their scenes and pictures natural and real, providing a sensible and elegant porn material. Making such interesting promises, Class 3some deserves to be better discovered.

Design and Features

Class 3some has a simple yet classy layout. In the home page there is a neat banner with a montage of the girls in action. The scenes are presented in an individual banner, with a mosaic of the highlights of the respective scene and a brief description in between. All scenes are provided in 720p quality, watchable through stream of downloadable in various formats, such as .wmv and .mp4. There is also 480p quality videos, if you don’t have much space in your hard drive. Class 3some is constantly being updated, but unfortunately still needs to improve its features, as they seem too basic. However, access and browsing is really intuitive and fast, making sure you don’t waste your time and rapidly unwrap all the content the site has to offer!

Network Sites

The company responsible for Class 3some, Class Media, is a respectable eight years old adult company focused in delivering the most erotic and elegant material for its members. As expected from such a reliable company, Class Media is always thinking in expanding their products and providing the best material for costumers. Class 3somes is part of Class Media’s network, being only one of the various site the member has full access with a single membership. All the partners in the network has an already stablished library and explore particular niches. Being a member of Class 3somes gives you access to: Class-Nudes: A site that tries it best to explore the forgotten beauty of nude photos and modeling. Without hardcore or even softcore sex relations, the only focus of Class Nudes is the naked elegance and class of its models, that are portrayed in astonishing well shot pictures and brief yet compelling scenes of the shootings. Completely recommended for nude lovers. Class-Blowjobs: Focusing blowjobs, this site tries to provide you with a sensual experience of having your dick sucked by European girls. There’s a huge and diverse numbers of models that makes each one of the scenes unique. The same treatment of class can be expected in each scene, exploring the sexy yet arousing art of oral sex. Oldje: The most extensive library is found here. With more than 500 videos and 30.000 pictures, there is more than enough material in Oldje to make your money worth a subscription. The main theme of Oldje is older guys enjoying fresh models in a classy and erotic viewpoint. To more intimate one-on-one sex to gangbangs, there is a commendable variety of scenes and pictures here ready to be discovered. As previously stated, the sites are all free to members of Class 3-somes. So, if you want to make your money worth, this is a great deal.

Girls and Videos

The models selected to perform in the group scenes are all European girls. Mostly slim and gracious, the girls can be commended in performing according to Class 3some propose, waking eye contact, smiling and making sure to show their bodies. All the videos have a single male performer fucking at least two girls. Sometimes you’ll find movies with reverse gangbang, more than five girls ready to pleasure the male. The sex is truly realistic, beginning with kisses, and sensual hugs, progressively evolving into more intimate contact with oral sex, anal sex and vaginal penetration. The girls also perform cunnilingus in between blowjobs. All of that makes the content in Class 3somes unique. The same elegance in the sex is present in the different places that the scenes where recorded. It doesn’t matter if the sex performance is made in beautiful mansions, studio rooms or in colorful fields, all the production is tightly made to transform the ambience in a real classic and sophisticated movie. The camera work is wonderful, capturing some artistic photography and making the flow of the scenes even more enjoyable and eye-pleasing. The videos receive a light filter treatment, improving even more the atmosphere and achieving an elegant tone to the colors. There’s nothing to complain about the technical point, only to commend!


Class 3some follows closely the philosophy of Class Media, providing polished group sex with realism and grace. The artistic point of view is indeed present in the actors’ performance and in the final product. From the delicate first embracing to the arousing anal sex, the scenes follow a realistic flow in sex, providing a nice voyeur atmosphere. This is the biggest achievement in Class 3some, the proximity with real sex. That way, all scenes and pictures can be enjoyed by men and women alike. The sexual approach preserves the elegance known in Class Media products, delivering arousing and unique threesomes and foursomes. Some scenes even explore reverse gangbangs, with so many girls you can’t keep count. There’s a nice collection of scenes and pictures already accessible for members, with the promise of constant biweekly updates. To add even more value to the subscription, member get instant access to other Class Media’s network sites, that being Oldje, Class Blowjobs and Class Nudes, with an already stablished library for browsing and downloading.