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There are many porn sites out there, but, lately, none of them have been delivering the content I’ve been looking for, the variety, the spice, the sizzling action, yet one with passion. Then, out of nowhere came ClubMagazine, a site with so much passion that it got me aroused in a matter of minutes, and I exploded watching all the kinky girls get it on with dudes and each other, depending on the category that is chosen.

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Website Layout

I love the home page. Met there when I first arrived by a giant slider of images, I saw four chicks licking each other in lingerie, making me a very happy person. By using the slider I saw a lot more girls enjoying themselves, which made me horny instantly. When I proceeded to search the other corners of the home page, I found the latest videos, double penetrations, dildo action, creampie, and the most popular girls themselves. Once you move to the girls or video sections, you may want to use a sorting option to get the best results, as it has filters such as date, popularity, name and rating. That made the choice somewhat more organized, but it was still hard as the girls are all beautiful. The navigation, however, was as great as it can be, giving me the option to search the site without lag, load the videos at every moment and just have fun with it. It is also optimized for mobile devices, which really takes the cake, as I could browse from the comfort of my bed.

Models & Video Quality

I loved the girls, all of them. Selecting one was going to be a problem, so I just went about watching videos until my eyes were all red and my dick dead from all the masturbation and arousal. When seeing that brunette with the green, mesmerizing eyes, take on one cock, suck him off gently, and it all seemed like a normal fuck, until another dude joined, and she started sucking him as well. I thought it was going to be a general fuck, suck deal, but it turned out to be double penetration. She sat on one of the dicks with her ass, while the other guy pounded her in the pussy. Her expression showed how much she enjoys being fucked by two dicks, as she came multiple times. Then she sucked both of them to an explosion and got a lot of cum on her face, boobs, and in her mouth. That is just one of the videos, that one including meat. There are also videos with girls only, as they enter a passionate lesbian threesome, until they take dildos and stuff them in every possible hole, making the scenes a bit more hardcore. The full HD quality really helps you see those close ups, when the details become much more important. With over twenty weekly updates and a picture gallery, I found the site to be amazing, especially since I could switch to photos as well. With the membership also comes the option to download the many, many videos and photos, as well seventeen more sites, all filled with great porn.

Final Resume

When I got out of the trance that the sheer amount of porn had put me into, I started rubbing my hands in a sinister, yet very satisfied way. At ClubMagazine, I really became the winner, as you do not find so much high quality porn and seventeen other sites, all updated regularly, for such a small price. With so much porn that could last me a lifetime, I also started my own little collection, with the free downloads, something you should consider too, as this site never fails to deliver great content.

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