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Being an amateur is rather fun, especially when you have no inhibitions about attending frat parties which turn to sexual orgies in the end. These parties have one thing in common; hot amateur girls. Isn’t that the dream of all men? To have as much sex as you possibly can with amateur girls.

The crazy parties let you do just that. Everyone is in the mood to get frisky and naughty. Everyone is making out with anyone and getting into each other’s pants, without any qualms. That is what amateur life is all about, and that is where all the fun really lies. Do you miss having all this fun? Do you miss experiencing all the group sex, which you used to have back in the old days?

Does your cock become rock hard when thinking about all the raunchy sex that goes on in these parties? If that is the case, CollegeFuckParties is the website for you. As the name suggests, there are lots of crazy fuck fests and parties, which are filmed for your pleasure. You won’t be able to imagine some of the stuff that goes on in these places.

CollegeFuckParties is part of the WTFBucks network. The site is something to reckon with. Read this informative review to discover what the premium site has in store for you.

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Website Layout

The design of the website is very simple and pleasing to the eye. The creators have made it interesting with a white and grey color combination. All the content on the site is well organized and the interface is quite user-friendly.

Navigation through the site is easy and simple as the navigational buttons at the top of the homepage are properly laid out and labeled. Below the navigational buttons are featured the latest porn video clips which are further represented by thumbnails arranged in grid format for easy navigation. Clicking on any thumbnail takes you to a page specifically dedicated to the clip on the thumbnail.

The combination of white color as the site’s primary background and light grey as its secondary background accentuates all content on the site. The combination makes the content stand out. The content appears so real that the sex gets you rock hard in your pants.

The site offers more than 400 HD quality porn videos and 2200 in the network. That’s a lot of clips considering that the site updates them on a daily basis. Most of the videos are in full high definition and the ones which aren’t, are in very good resolution as well. You can either download the videos as AVI or MP4 files or you can stream them on the embedded flash player on the website at the resolution of 1280 x 720 @ 3829 kbps. About 60 minutes is their average running time. So, you can be sure that these videos will make that jerking off session worthwhile.

The site offers over 81 photo sets. There are over 350 pictures in each photoset and their resolution is 1280 x 960. You can either view the photos or you can download them in ZIP format to enhance your jerking off session. All the videos are compatible with various devices so you can enjoy watching them wherever and whenever you want.

Models & Video Quality

Finally, let’s talk about all the girls that CollegeFuckParties have in their kitty. The girls that are featured in the videos are the most stunning and beautiful women you have ever laid your eyes on. That is not surprising, as there are sluts from all ethnicities, and are some of the most beautiful girls and women in their respective country. The girls are not only beautiful; they have some of the most fantastic bodies that you will ever lay your eyes on.

They have perfect heart shaped asses that you would love to pound into all night, the most beautiful firm tits with perky candy like nipples that you would want to keep sucking on relentlessly. As they are amateurs, and have been barely fucked, they have the tightest and the juiciest pussies you have ever seen. And boy do they know how to blow! These girls not only blow, but they can also deep throat like they have no gag reflex at all. You can be sure that these girls are really into blowing and getting fucked as they are screaming and moaning and asking for more.

The amateur party orgy premise of CollegeFuckParties is truly brought to life in the videos featured on the site. The clips are so real that you will certainly shoot in your pants and wish you were part of the action. Take the clip of a birthday party which turned into a sex orgy in the end as an example, the birthday girl really showed that amateur girls have no inhibitions whatsoever.

You need to see how the day’s celebrant was jumping from riding one cock to the next. She was really riding the frat guys lined up on their living room settees one after the other. The peak of the whole sexual episode is when she was able to in the end make all the guys shoot. She insisted that they all ‘pour’ on her face and tits. You need to see the amount of cum load she had on in the end. You too can be part of such orgies by joining CollegeFuckParties.

Final Resume

CollegeFuckParties certainly offers the craziest parties you have ever seen and will ever see. As the site is part of the WTFBucks, it gives you access to a lot of other top sites. So, you have a ton of porn to watch and enjoy. With 11 sites at your disposal for the price of one, and signing up for a 3-months plan will give you a 43% discount. Get your account now!

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