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CrazyToonSex; if you think about it, the name of the site is describing very well what you can expect as a member: crazy cartoon sex. This site offers a good amount of hardcore porn scenes, where you can watch your favorite cartoon character doing the things that are usually not shown in the series. If you ever thought how Lois Griffin would look like when she is having fun with Peter they are alone, you don’t need to imagine it, some enthusiasts made a movie about it. On CrazyToonSex you can find two kinds of cartoon porn: original hentai and porn parodies of famous cartoon series. It’s important to make a difference, because the hentai is a unique Japanese niche, while the western porn parodies are representing another niche. The membership on CrazyToonSex has multiple benefits. First, you get a membership area which is free of advertisements, and you also receive a pass to three other cartoon porn sites, since CrazyToonSex is part of the ToonPass network. The page ToonPass itself is one of the four, it’s the main hub where you can reach all sites’ content easily, without visiting them one by one. In this central place you can view or download all videos. Apart from CrazyToonSex, there are two thematic sites: HentaiTemple and FutanariSluts. These two are authentic Japanese hentai sites. The HentaiTemple features original Japanese cartoon porn movies made by real professionals, and you can find there works of emerging hentai authors too. FutanariSluts has some special fun, which will satisfy those who like shemales, since the drawn models in the scenes on this site are all shemales, or futanaris as they call them in Japanese.

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Design & Features

The site of CrazyToonSex is nice, with clear texts and large pictures. It has a gray background color but since it’s all about cartoons, the thumbnails are very colorful and you won’t get any shady feelings when you browse this site. There are two options you can choose from in the menu, which is located at the upper right corner of the page: join, or log in as a member. The rest of the page shows a large compilation of medium size thumbnails, thus helping you to get the picture of what content is waiting for you.

The membership area is quite simple, and easy to handle and navigate. You will be quite surprised when you start watching the videos, because they are not wonderful. Cartoons are usually give good playback quality even in low resolution, but the makers of this site are quite crazy, and they produced you 720p and 1080p HD scenes. You have two options available with the videos: watch them in your browser or save to your computer. If you decide to watch them right away, you will find out that the embedded player is quick, easy to use, and the stream is stable and the connection is fast. You can adjust the resolution of the video for the best performance, you can set it from 1080p to 240p. When you want to download the movies, you can choose only the MP4 format, and you also have the options to pick the desired resolution. The hentai is a very popular niche, some companies are doing it only for the Western audience which has grown significantly since the Internet became available for almost everyone. The traditional hentai movies have some erotica and sensuality in them, but nowadays it’s becoming more hardcore. Men like large tits and tight pussies and the cartoon porn is the best way to fulfill some of the craziest needs and imaginations.

Girls & Videos

It’s pretty hard to describe the girls on the videos of CrazyToonSex. It’s certain that they are all gorgeous, and you may already know some of them, since many famous American cartoon series have cute housewives and hot fresh chicks. The videos that are made as porn parodies are showing a kind of ‘behind the scenes’ or ‘during the commercial brake’ scenes. You can watch hardcore porn scenes featuring the hot Lois Griffin, who is doing it with his husband, Peter, but she is such a nasty cunt, that she even get into some interracial sex with Cleveland. She is a bi-interested woman, so she is engaging her neighbor Bonnie and a visitor from Langley Falls, Francine. There was a series that featured some time travel, interstellar travelling, and you can watch scenes from it featuring the hot one-eyed soldier, Leela, who is fucking around with everyone and everything. If she doesn’t find a man, she just approaches Amy for some lesbian action, and instead of sex toys, she uses a robot to soothe her lust. It’s up to you to decide that a human male and an alien female making love fits into interracial sex, or they should come up with another category. The videos are all sharp and made good quality, some of them are very artistic and well made. On CrazyToonSex you can find a collection of about 80 videos, each 15-20 minutes long. You can download all, without limitations, and with the 1080p resolution it’s guaranteed that you will be utterly pleased with the quality.


CrazyToonSex is a good start for those who want to get know the hentai and cartoon porn niches. With the access to the whole network of ToonPass, everyone who is interested in this kind of action will be satisfied with the content. There are nearly 300 videos available, and the true hentai videos are rather long, so it will take some time to watch them all.

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