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The CreampieReality is a hardcore porn site, which offers the visitors porn videos with heavy sex, ending in a creampie surprise. What takes place in the videos is satisfying, and it’s hard enough to make you happy if you are not into sensual porn. This porn site launched in 2006 as part of the 21Sextreme network, which is a sister-network of the 21Sextury, an award-winning porn studio, that produces some of the best hardcore videos online, and since it’s Europe-based, it feels much different than the US porn videos. The 21Sextremes is the darker side of the network, and actually it offers you some heavy hardcore porn, covering some of those niches that are usually considered to be the kinkier ones. When you join the CreampieReality, you get a full network access to the 21Sextreme sites. This means that you get more than 7000 scenes, offering you over 2800 hours of porn. The bonus content you get covers 207 niches, which simply mean that all humanly possible niches are covered with the videos. The collection of the CreampieReality is large enough on itself, but with the network access you get so much more. Every scene on the CreampieReality is exclusive, and they are produced only for online publishing, so you can’t even get them on DVDs. The members’ zone is clear and simple; you won’t find in there any ads.

Design & Features

The tour page of CreampieReality is non-existent, because if you get there, you land on a hub-like page, which shows not just this site’s content, but there are also the updates from the network sites. You better get used to the layout and the design of the site, because all 21Sextreme pages look like this one. The main color is black, but thanks to the medium and large thumbnails, the overall impression you might get from the site is positive. Those who regularly visit hardcore porn sites know that most of them use dark colors, so this one isn’t an exception. On the top of the page you can see the menu, which offers three options: Pornstars, Scenes, and Genres. It’s certain that you know what their functions are, so it doesn’t requires further explanation. In tour mode, you have the chance get a peek into the videos, because the site grants you access to some trailers that will certainly help you when you are thinking about joining. The inner section where you land is a nice and simple page. You can find a menu on the top, it features the same three options you saw on the tour page, and also some other extra options. On the left side of the page you can see the included sites listed, and with only a click, you can list the videos of the chosen site. Categories filtering and a keyword-based search are your only searching/sorting options. When you choose a scene, you get to its page, where you can find a large player and lots of options. Let us start with the in-browser viewing: the player uses Flash, and the resource files are either H.264 or WMV; the player is quick, and the bandwidth of the connection is satisfying. The videos of the CreampieReality are not in HD, but if you take a look at the bonuses, you will find some. The download options are also a bit varied; MPEG or WMV files are available. The main niche of the videos is the creampie porn. For those who are not familiar with porn terms: they call “creampie” when the guy ejaculates into the vagina or anus of the girl; not too deep though, and the majority of the creampie videos also feature as the model makes it drip out, and after that some cum-play may take place. The CreampieReality seems to provide real creampies, so its s good point, which makes it different from other creampie sites.

Girls & Videos

Every girl here is either professional or semi-professional, and since the company and the studio are in Europe, you can expect to find here only the hottest girls from all over the Old World. There are MILFs too, but as you will see, the majority of the models are at the peak of their beauty and they are “fresh, just out of the oven”. The girls are mostly Caucasians, but you can find some ethnic beauties on the included sites. Since the girls are professionals, you can expect to find here fake tits and some upgraded buttocks, but the majority of the girls are naturals, and they look amazingly hot. Every porn lover knows that the Euro chicks are legendary, and that they are not just cute, but they are eager to do almost anything; this goes for the girls in these videos too. The movies of the site are professionally shot, and they feature lot of hardcore action. This also means that the cuties are not just getting their pussy pounded, but you can see some really juicy blowjobs and anal sex too. The movies are shot in various environment, and don’t expect to see some poor fool’s shady bedroom; there are outdoor scenes too. You might hear some dialogues in the videos, but they are mostly to warm up. Actually the site offers you more than 21, rather long videos. Most scenes exceed the 30 minutes mark, thus they can be realized as movies, not just scenes.


The CreampieReality has a nice, though not too big collection of unique creampie videos. It’s quite certain that you will like these movies, but if not, then you can check the bonuses that you gain access. There are over 7000 videos for you, and if you log in, you can see that you can get more in a video-on-demand method, or subscribe to other sites (like the 21Sextury network itself) and enjoy everything without limitations. The membership is a big deal, and if you are looking for some darker, heavier porn, which is a bit untraditional, then the CreampieReality will prove to be the right place to start your journey.