Top paid adult site that specializes in featuring gorgeous and classy women in their hottest apparel and shoe-ware outfits.


Demureladies is something of a pseudo porn site that specializes in featuring gorgeous and classy women in their hottest apparel and shoe-ware outfits. If you want to feed your eyes with some trendy hot and sexy fashion styles on the nicely curved bodies of these models, you’ve got to try out demure ladies. They have evolved a unique style that seeks to leave you with desire.

Design and Features

Demureladies lets you know from the onset that theirs is not really porn. That is actually the catch I followed. Sites that have nothing to do with porn rarely make such pointed statements. If the originator of the express declaration and disclaimer on their landing page intended it to stir curiosity, I must say I fell straight for the bait. The statement does little to exonerate the site from adult entertainment. The site quickly opens up to a two way gateway in which you are asked to choose to start your tour or quit. The site’s name is inscribed in calligraphic white insignia on the top panel. It is followed with a declaration of what users should expect; a summary red statement below the title announcing that you are about to interact with elegant ladies with a bit of the devil in their being. There are no bonuses announced here. Being an exclusive content site, this is perfectly understandable. I didn’t find a search tool but there are links to the various models in their video and photo library. Feel free to access their content from mobile devices too because it works well. There are no webcams but I guess expected that; given the exclusivity. Your content on this site is superbly organized. There are several tabs that lead you to various sections and model options. The site is set casually but offers some of the best photo and video playback I have seen online in the recent past. You can stream the videos of the girls and download them into a zip file readily available once you subscribe to their viewership plan.

Girls and Videos

So my curiosity surged and pushed me to explore what these models in long dresses, short skirts and even modest outfits have up their sleeves. Meet Jessica as she pursues her garden chores with flipping stints of knickers exposure. I man shows up and makes Jessica stop momentarily to usher him to the house. Jessica is a cunning woman with a knack for getting men to erect without intending to lay them. So she begins to climb the stair in the house and sits with her legs spread out. Her visitor is tantalized and no longer fears to stare straight into Jessica’s legs. Jessica loves it and leads her guest outside where she elaborately pulls p her dress to the waist for the guest to savor a full view of her stocking, panties and knickers in the sun. You are treated to a variety of models that seem to be busy in their pursuits such as reading magazines and books. Meanwhile, they give the camera a rich view of what lies beneath. Most of the focus in the gallery photos is towards their loins from under their skirts. They seem to be innocent amateur models that leave a lot of sensual exposure for the men to do for them. The men lift the girls’ skirts and blouses for the camera as the ladies in many, scenes, lie with their eyes closed on sofas and beds.

As I have indicated, Demureladies is not a porn site. It only contains hot stuff for you for adult entertainment. There are clearly defined models with names on the runway here. You are textually informed quite a lot about the girls. I think most girls can pass for expensive corporate executive assistants. They are sleek and slick. They are cultured and highly trained for the limelight. Their dressing style smirks of models with a subtle taste for the high-end preferences. Clothe-wear featured includes suspenders, high heel boots, short skirts and blouses with sneaky cleavage vintage slits.


Demureladies is a discreet 5 star site that explores sexual sensuality through the presentation of a range beautiful and classy girls and women in apparel cut and sawn to turn heads around. They have taken their place in their unique niche. If you have a thing for sexy hot clothes, shoes and accessories, you will have full entertainment on Demureladies.

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