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The DisgraceThatBitch is a nasty collection. This site features a growing compilation of heavy hardcore porn videos, with rough sex, and a bit of BDSM. You will find the videos here really satisfying, and if you are looking for heavy pounding, you will enjoy them very much. The scenes of the site are unique, and you won’t find them on any other websites. The update schedule is hard to detect, but it’s certain that the site is active, and there are videos pouring in now and then. As a bonus, you gain access to the whole collection of the DirtyFlix, and you will see that there are dozens of porn niches covered on the network pages.

Design & Features

The DisgraceThatBitch has a very simple and easy to use website. As you land on the tour page, you will see that there are some really heavy things going on, and the thumbnails of the tour page just give you the necessary insight you need. There are dozens of medium thumbs and GIFs listed on the tour page. After you join the site, you will land on the main members’ zone of the DirtyFlix network. As soon as the page loads, you will see the network statistics on the top, showing the actual number of videos, pictures, models and DVD’s. Under the logo, the links to the favorites’ you may find the main menu. You can select to turn on and off the dropdown menu. From the main menu you will be able to reach all content, you can switch site. The search engine is also there, and it can help you get nearer the videos you wish to see. After you log in, you will be welcomed by the list of the latest videos of the network, so if you want you can start watching the newest scenes and go backwards in time, to the oldest ones. As you may expect from a professional porn site, you can watch the videos in the members’ zone, or you can save them for your own collection. An SD FLV stream is provided for those who wish to enjoy the scenes in the browser. The speed is good, and the player buffers the videos really fast. As for the downloading, the site grants you multiple options. You can save the FLV file, or you can get 3GP for mobiles. MP4 and WMV files are also provided, and for the best quality you need to choose from these two. There are no photos on the DisgraceThatBitch; the only pictures you get here are the video captions. These are good quality files, but they are far from offering really good sharpness. The DisgraceThatBitch responds to mobile browser, though the tour isn’t exactly a mobile page. However, the inner section ought to be mobile-ready, at least that’s what the site claims.

Girls & Videos

The site features some really hot girls. Though they claim that they are just picking up girls and then give them some rough sex, the models of the site are far from amateurs. It’s a kind of evident as soon as you land on the page. As you browse through the tour page, you will get the feeling that you have seen these girls somewhere else, this crawling feeling in your mind will eventually turn into a confident fact. Now, you are probably not a member yet, so at this time you might only watch the tour page. If so, then there is one girl that you might notice on some of the thumbnails: Dakota Skye; she is a US porn star with below average height, perky tits and blonde hair. (Those who were searching the net for porn with girls still under the second X surely come across her videos). In fact, the site’s nature also excludes the option that these girls are really amateurs or they were just picked up on the streets, because it’s certain that newbie wouldn’t jump to the rough sex so eagerly. However, the girls are astonishing, and you can enjoy watching very hot Caucasians and Latinas banged in a very mean way. The DisgraceThatBitch has everything you need to know about it in its name. This site is not about passion and beauty; the videos here tell the stories girls picked up, fucked rough, and then dropped out. As you might expect, these scenes are scripted. For example in one of the videos, they tell this situation: the girl locked herself out of her apartment, and she goes over to the guy next door (they share a joined balcony or what) and she asks him if she can use his phone, or go through his balcony to hers and get in from there. Now, the most interesting thing is that the girl isn’t surprised when instead of helping this guy asks her age. The whole would be more believable it the guy who has the camera would fuck the girl, but instead another guy waltzes in fuck her. You would expect some rough sex from this site and you expectations will be met. You have to know though that these scenes are not that heavy. It’s true that some of the guys have monstrous cocks, but the girls easily take it all in, and they don’t even look surprised when they get spanked, or the guy wraps his hands around their neck while he fucks their ass.


So, the DisgraceThatBitch has a good compilation of porn. The videos are shot in good quality, the girls are gorgeous and they seriously take a lot. All well-endowed guy has a good time pounding the girls, and they can let their hidden roughness come to light as the girls submit to their will. The scenes here feature some BDSM elements, but there are just a few. Those who like heavy sex, with some rough elements will certainly like the collection of the DisgraceThatBitch, and if you like to watch hardcore porn, you will enjoy this collection. As a member you also gain access to the network sites, which gives you a really varied collection of hardcore porn, for a reasonable price.