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Oh the perks that comes along when you become a member of a huge porn network. That is right, DogHouseDigital sits in an iron throne when it comes to quality and quantity of porn materials. DogHouseDigital is a major porn network that racks and roofs some of the most lascivious, the most lewd, the most provocative, and the most arousing of porn videos. Its primary niche is centered and focused on DVD Porn and Hardcore Sex. But being big enough to fit almost 2000 videos and twice or thrice the amount of photos, expect a lot more than the usual shimmying and pussy fucking.

DogHouseDigital is one of Canada’s top porn producers and they never fail to make ends meet with their porn materials. Being one of the biggest, you’ll notice how the content count is very high but that is mostly because they have been around for a very long time. Thirteen years, to be exact! And counting too! So if you’re into anal screwing, gangbangs, threesomes, orgies, lesbian sex, kinks, pussy fucking, masturbating, and generally just hardcore sex in all aspects, then welcome to DogHouseDigital. Get ready to instill in your eyes the goodies that come with this site. They’re all pretty great but I’ll be leaving you to decide. 

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Website Layout

DogHouseDigital has a user-friendly interface and is a generally clutter free porn site. Just by entering the members area, you will almost instantly find what you are looking for. Several links are provided below and they usually link you to important stuff like customer support, home pages, model index, DVD index, and many more. You are sure to find what you are looking for right away.

Of course, you’ll need to be a monthly member in order for you access all the cool features that DogHouseDigital has to offer. Trial membership is also an option if you wish to pre-check out things without any worries but even trial memberships have fees, but way cheaper. Of course, recurring payments will have you pay a lot more than having a monthly membership. That aside, if you opt for an actual monthly membership, you can enjoy all the perks DogHouseDigital has to offer, including extra sites under their network. So aside from the thousands of goodies you’re prepped for, get ready for more.

DogHouseDigital has practically almost 2000 scenes up to date, 200 DVD’s and more, around 700 models, and about 200,000 photos to boast of. Both DVD’s, scenes, and photos are in very good quality. The scenes available are mostly from the full-length DVD’s and they last for 20 to 25 minutes each. The full length ones last for 2 hours or more. Both scenes and DVD’s can be streamed and downloaded. Streaming it in your browser would require the latest Flash update and it can pack up to 1920 x 1080 resolution. Downloading it will have you save it to your device in MP4 format with the same 1920 x 1080 resolution, with a 7000k bit rate.

Photo sets may be downloaded in zip files too and they are all professionally taken, if I must add. Like I said, bonus sites come free (duh), and there are live feeds available, personals, and discounts as well.

Models & Video Quality

My favorite topic: girls! Oh the girls. Well, in DogHouseDigital, they have a whole lot of them and they come in different variations. Some girls are brunettes, some girls blonde, and others sport jet black hair. Most girls are white but once in a while, you get to see others as well.

Also, most of these ladies hail from Europe or Canada. At other times, from other parts of the world. Lo and behold, thick accents come rolling in. Not to worry, not to worry. You’ll notice that they speak straight English, only a little substantial and full. The videos these ladies star in are steamy, hot, and intense. They weren’t exaggerating when they said it was going to be a hardcore porn site. Man, these ladies could pack a whole punch with what they can do with their bodies. They are tight as can be, their pussies a tinge of pink, but so are their butt holes. They are always ready for some hot and heavy action with tall and muscular men who, in turn, could not wait to get their cocks shoved in any of the holes these ladies present.

Sometimes though, you get double delight when you notice that a scene focuses more on the lesbian side of everything. That’s chocolate dipped in chocolate, ya’ll.

Final Resume

I love DogHouseDigital and I really mean that bold statement. The porn scenes are very exclusive, they are mostly full HD videos, and there is no download limit! DogHouseDigital practically explores a whole lot of niches that focus on the hardcore side of porn and they did not fail to deliver. The scenes are so well made and produced, you’d think they weren’t shooting for a porn site. The number of movies and photos that are present in the site is also one factor why I give DogHouseDigital a raging two thumbs up. It will take you months (or years) to get through everything.

The content quality is brilliantly outstanding, the quantity first rate and superb. Download speeds are typically fast and the navigation is fairly easy. DogHouseDigital promised great content quality and quantity and they never held back on that promise. Overall, DogHouseDigital is something you would like to be a part of and although there are humble and scanty concerns to be aware of, they are not really major problems to be fixed on. I would give it a 10/10 in rating and honestly, I am not exaggerating any of that. When you go on and become a member for your own, you’ll see what I mean. So, go on ahead!

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