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Enchante is an adult entertainment site that showcases sex and pleasure in an imaginary kingdom of the same name. The site is full of caricatures of humans and other imaginary creatures. All the content is exclusive and is done by one artist. You can get access to the member’s area for a monthly fee, which is very affordable.

Website Layout

The site’s design is simple but elegant. The choice of colour and the placement of the elements are done artistically. The site is user-friendly thanks to the layout that makes it possible to get to different parts of the website with just one link. The comics are always written in two languages; Spanish and English. You get to choose the language you want the first time you get to the site. On the first page is a large preview of the latest episode. There are links on the left side of the page. There is a free comic section you can go to and high resolution wall papers that you can download for free, even if you’re not a member. The top left corner on the page has links to the previous and latest episodes. When you open an episode, a number of images from that episode will be displayed. You can click on one of the episodes to enlarge it. The enlarged image has dimensions of 842 by 596 pixels. There are more than 110 episodes to date and each has multiple images. There is a new episode every month, and each episode has four chapters. Each chapter is uploaded every week.

Models & Video Quality

Nerita is the high priestess, whose job is to look after the pleasures of the citizens. She is often accompanied by her faithful, albeit horny, companion Peka. Peka is easily distracted and never misses an opportunity to have sex with strangers from all over the kingdom. There are other characters like the king, whose sexual appetite has made him enlist tens of imps to take care of his sexual needs. There is Chloe the queen, who cannot resist temptations thanks to the fact that she has not been assigned any duties around the palace. Chloe is in a relationship with Jator, who is in charge of the palace’s security. On the other hand, Jator is also in love with Nerita the high priestess, but does not want the queen to know it. The courts magician has made a vow to get the queen to his bed, even though the queen despises him. In many scenes, there are other creatures such as imps and trolls. Imps are female creatures that perform household chores and sexual services. All households in Enchantae have at least one imp. Trolls are bulky male creatures that are captured from distant lands. They are muscular and tall and are meant to perform harder tasks. However, most deprived women in Enchantae use trolls to satisfy themselves sexually. There are other creatures that often appear as the new episodes are posted on the site. They include goblins and alien chicks. All these creatures are always involved in some sexual situation, which is a big part of Enchantae culture.

Final Resume

The comic is properly done and the graphics are sharp and complete unlike some other similar sites you may find online. There is enough content, especially for first time members of the site. I would recommend this site to anyone who likes adult comics.