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The Exxxtasy is one of the most recent websites out there, however, you don’t have to worry about gaining access to only a handful of videos as a member. This porn site has been around for about 1.5 years, and since its launch in 2015, it has been updating regularly. At the time of our last visit, the Exxxtasy had over 2,300 scenes, but it’s possible that by the time you read it, you are going to find even more. It seems the site keeps its promises, and there is a daily update frequency in order, so you get new porn every passing day. As the number shows, there are some times when they add more than one videos.

If you become a member at the Exxtasy, you might feel like some of the scenes are familiar. This is true, by the way, as the site grants you access to scenes, which are coming from different porn DVDs. There are a few older videos, but the most recent DVDs’ flicks made their way to the collection too! The fact that the videos are coming from DVDs also means this collection is not exclusive. Well, nevertheless, there is a low chance that you have seen them all, and if for nothing else, then for previewing the DVDs, you might want to watch the videos here. The exclusivity is the only thing some could write to the cons list, but the great video quality, the daily updates, and the nice site-features all make up for that. As far as bonuses go, the site has some live cams for you. 

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Website Layout

The free tour page is just for teasing, you can view the screenshots, browse around a bit, but no video clips could be played for previewing the content. The inner area is nearly the same as the tour, the design elements, and the layout are fine. You can search through the collection by using the search engine, while there are also other ways: there is a “Channels” list where you can see the videos listed by niche. Also, you could view the porn scenes by several filters, such as “top rated”, “most viewed”, or “longest”. The Exxxtasy has a mobile friendly interface, which grants full access to all videos and features.

This portal is a streaming only website: the videos are played in MP4 format, and they are accessible only in the browser. Fortunately, though, there are mainly HD videos granted for you, from the 720p types up to 1080p quality ones. The Exxxtasy has a videos-only policy in order, so there are no photo sets for you to save. Those of you in the US, who have a Roku box or stick, could watch the videos of this site via its Roku channel.

Models & Video Quality

As far as we could decide, the girls here come from the mainly from Europe and from the States. The European models – it’s not a big surprise, we believe – usually those hot, fresh girls from Russian and neighboring nasty European countries. Most of them will be familiar to you, as they have been featured in hundreds of scenes, and they do all the juicy and nasty thing you could dream of. The US models are full professionals, some are quite well-known, others are a not that much. However, one thing is certain: they are all hot and sexy, no matter where they come from. You will see it too, that the European girls are mostly the natural ones, with tight, smooth-looking body, cute ass and a pair of perky tits. Their faces are cute too – they are the real girlfriend types you would love and drill all the time. However, many of the US models have some enhancements made, and they will show you some sweet fake breasts too. The girls are in their prime years, and they are horny and truly ready for a ride.

Regarding the sex, the Exxxtasy has a fine variety of action taking place in its videos. There are couples, threesomes, and orgies, so if you like when numbers of pussies are on the screen, you are going to love the videos. The couples are mostly plain hardcore videos: the guys are drilling their partner’s pussy on the bed, on the kitchen counter, in the gym, and at several other locations. There are couples of the same gender: sweet lesbian porn is what you might also find here, and that’s a good thing. The girls take on each other playfully and nicely, and it’s quite arousing to watch two girls of such beauty making love. Most of the threesome videos here are the one guy for two chicks type, so it’s a real pussy-fest. As far as the orgies are concerned, those are quite exciting shots too.

They feature lots (sometimes 6 or more) gals on different number of guys: the sex they do is pretty good, and these are actually the hardest scenes of the site, with double penetration, interracial sex, and some rough elements. The overall quality is good, most content is in at least 720p, and the videos go on for about 20 minutes on average.

Final Resume

The Exxxtasy has more than 2,300 videos, and it keeps on growing by the day. The site uses a “days before”-type denomination to date the videos, and though in many cases that indicate a scam, we can say it with a hundred percent certainty that the Exxxtasy is real and it’s not recycling the content. Though the scenes are not exclusive, there are many fresh hardcore titles enlisted and with videos that go on for over 90 minutes, this portal will surely keep you on the hook.

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