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Are you looking for a big does of reality? Then the Fake Hub Network might be the answer to all of your hidden cravings. Have you ever heard of Fake Taxi? You probably have, and it would not be such a big surprise because it is the leading website in the niche of fake cabs and hitch riding. Aside from Fake Taxi, Fake Hub also includes Fake Cop, Fake Agent, and Fake Hospital. Can you just imagine the endless possibilities? You will truly find all of their videos exciting. Joining their network will grant you access to thousands of videos and a fast-growing collection. There is also almost no repeat on the “porn stars” in these videos, but with the vast number of scenes – you will just get used easily to finding new favorite beauties every day. If you have decided that you want to be part of the Fake Hub Network already, then you better get your computer and gadgets ready for some serious unlimited streaming and downloading of high definition videos all exclusive to the network. There is no need to worry about buffering anymore because of their ultra fast servers. And finally, you will be able to view these lovelies anywhere as all videos are available in different media formats, and made to be mobile-friendly as well. Membership is easy with three different options: one month, three months, and six months. The most popular choice according to Fake Hub, is the one month option. But if you are still unsure yet of which option to select then maybe their Visitor’s Pass option that gives you limited access to the entire network for two days for a fee will get you finally decided.

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Website Layout

The website’s design is true to the branding of the Fake Hub network, so it is dressed up in the network’s colors of dark gray (almost black), and yellow. A big banner will welcome you upon visiting the site, with a really appealing invitation to join them. Scrolling down, you will see the complete list of the links to their seven sites, along with more than fifteen high-quality thumbnails of their latest uploads. Their thumbnails are pretty simple and easy on the eyes together with all the information you need about the video. It has the name of the specific site that owns the video, a straightforward title that pretty much says what is going to happen in the video like “handy man gets to fuck nurse”, then finally the date when the video was uploaded. On the lower right side of the video you will also get to see the number of views that the video had already (you will be surprised that some of their latest videos uploaded just a few days ago already has up to eight thousand views!), along with the number of thumbs up that the video received. Take these as cues to judge whether a video is good or not. Don’t worry, almost all of their videos get high viewership and thumbs ups. Any one will find it pretty amazing really. The network’s daily updates are incredible as well. Who knew that there are so many women who can get easily tricked to fuck? Maybe the numbers of horny girls in the world are just growing. Well, it does not matter what the reason is, because that is absolutely good news for us. That means if fake cab drivers can get laid by really beautiful women in this world, then the chances are pretty sweet for the rest of us, right? It seems that all we really need is some balls and, well you know, real balls to ask women if they are up for some hardcore fucking.

Models & Video Quality

The cameras that the Fake Hub use are really cool, because you already get an idea of how compact they are as they can get installed on a cab or clinic without really getting noticed, but all of the videos that it record are of high quality – clear and crisp pictures. You are definitely not going to see any grainy and poorly lit videos here, despite the fact that some of these videos were even shot on the road at night. Mostly the beauties hail from London and Prague, so you are going to view mostly European women. The scenes are mostly unplanned as well so it varies, though most of the ladies here agree because they either lack the money to pay for the ridiculously expensive “cab” fare, or that they really believe they are getting a legitimate check-up from a doctor, or that they are starring in a too good to be true casting call. Whatever it is, the girl or girls always find themselves in a pretty tight spot that in the end they give in and agree to get fucked hard.

Final Resume

Overall, the network’s charm lies in the fact that all of their videos actually happened in real life. It is also interesting to watch these beauties get tricked into something that they did not expect, start with a lot of hesitation and regret, but later on just finally give in to the sweet pleasure of getting pounded hard. Most of them even crave for more in the end. If these types of videos appeal to you, then signing up for this network which gives you access to seven other sites operating in the same theme, will not be bad at all. Enjoy!

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