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The very moment when you open this site, you are drawn into it. I mean it’s not like every day when you see pictures, great pictures that is, of seemingly fresh virginal looking women getting ass fucked by humongous cocks! It will positively rock you awake if you were in any state of drowsiness. It’s that anal penetration when the camera catches it just right, that is a true eye opener. Here you have these lusciously rounded buttocks and that hard maleness caught on camera forever as it lunged deeply into that ass. It is that picture that firmly engrains itself in your mind after you open that site and that page is revealed.
However as exciting as ass fucking is, the site is comprised of much more than that of course. There are tons of pics showing some of the loveliest asses you have ever seen prior to them being entered. Those round derrieres just seem to be begging to be pierced. The things is too, that these delightful females all want their asses to be pierced with a swollen cock. One has but to look at their faces when they see a large erection. It is as if they are salivating to be ass fucked. Desirous of being anal fucked, this is so much more than a desire, and so much more than a want too, for it is an actual need. How that need got there and lodged itself in their brain is beyond me, but you can see it reflected in their eyes. It’s kind of as if you were looking at a tender female and wondered if she were a virgin or not. Truthfully, one can usually tell if one looks deeply into the eyes. The virginal state pronounces itself in those eyes, and it is as if you are a mind reader at that point, for you just know.
Well, the same applies to reading the mind of a tender beautiful lady as to whether or not she has known the ecstasy associated with ass fucking. Just look at the pictures accompanying the first intro page of this site and see if it is not Fassinating to you as well? We think that the title of the site certainly covers how you will feel when you do so.


Parting Those Ass Cheeks

Granted in order to fuck an ass you need first part those ass cheeks, and that is what you accomplish first, after all to make an omelet one must first break some eggs. Most males cannot restrain themselves from gently rubbing the ass cheeks before immolating them. They caress the softness of them and stroke the very roundness of them. Usually the ass cheek’s owner is undulating her body in sexual desire for her sacrificial asshole immolation.
It is at the moment of penetration that one realizes just how a girl’s asshole is! Here this miniscule aperture is going to be pierced with a huge throbbing prick and she wags her rear at him to further entice him! How utterly amazing.
As mentioned this site is not just about girls being assfucked for there is so much more here. There is the act itself, the immolation as it were, but then there are things such as males pulling out moments before cumming, and thus covering the lovely lady’s face with jism. The sperm massage begins, but we, in porn, refer to it as a facial. So, if you love seeing facials, they will definitely be here for you.
In addition to facials once you are here you will also see some delightful anal cream pies here as well. It’s as if all that spunk refuses to remain deep inside, but instead wishes to pronounce that the owner of that cock that just pierced that lovely girl has just spent inside her ass which is located betwixt those rounded soft cheeks!

The Network Newsflash

We all grew up watching television, and very early on we learned that there were different networks that carried this or that television show. We may even have had our favorite networks, but we learned quickly that in order to view a certain network, the television had to be moved to such and such a channel. When speaking of computers, there are networks involved there too, and the networks are important for they make decisions that affect what we see online.
In this case, the network involved is the 21Sextreme Network. And so, just like on the television, they carry X amount of sites. In this particular case, the 21Sextreme Network carries a grand total of 41 different sites. Again, this is like looking at how many different shows are on CBS for example. It’s important to you to know how many sites the 21Sextreme Network carries, for they have decided to make you a tremendous offer.
Each person who joins Fassinating will be granted entry into all the sites that the 21Sextreme Network has, and so you will be able to watch such neat sites such as DP Fanatics, Asshole Fever, Club Sandy, Butt Ploys, and Cheating Whore Wives just to mention a few that may be of interest to you. Of course, as all of them are, you will find that each site has High Definition videos, and very high speed downloads. They also perform daily updates for you. Also the site is discreet, safe and exceedingly secure as well.

OK, But What’s The Cost?

You will be very pleasantly surprised when we cover your costs. For instance if so desire, you might wish to pay for it on a quarterly basis. If so, it will run you a paltry $19.98 per month. If instead you think you would be happier paying on a monthly basis, it’s even more affordable, for you will pay only $14.95 per month. However, wait until you hear this: if you wish to pay on a yearly basis your initial outlay is only $119.40 but that boils down to an astounding low figure of $9.95 per month!

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