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Tired of the usually skinny girls you have seen on porn? It seems that the modeling industry has screwed up the definition of beauty and has given the slim ones all the credit. Most of them don’t even look healthy and lively anymore. No wonder there are a lot of skinny porn stars who find it hard to endure sex for a longer period of time. Before you know it, these girls are already begging for their male co-stars to stop. Are you one of those guys, who, like us, just hate it whenever that happens? Are you looking for something more? If you are, then we have the site for you. Finally, we have found a site that honors the beauty of shapelier women – Fat and Flabby. Yes, that’s right. Here at Fat and Flabby, you won’t be seeing those skinny girls anymore. Instead, you are going to see big plump women having their way, following the site’s tagline: “100% Pure Fat Porn”. This porn site is brought to us by the XXX Network. The site alone promises over a hundred thousand high-quality photos, over five hundred gig’s worth of high-quality video clips, and finally, almost four hundred gig’s worth of bonus material – and that’s just Fat and Flabby. We are not even getting into the content of XXX Network and it’s thirty plus sites, which you will also get full access for once you have decided to sign-up for membership. There are three main membership options to choose from: a thirty-day membership (with a non-recurring option), a ninety-day membership, and finally a two-day limited trial offer. If you are still unsure of which selection to choose, then you can go ahead and opt for the trial offer first, then after seeing the selections, you’ll probably sign-up for a full access anyway with the quality of the sites, its porn stars, and its contents.

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Website Layout

The overall website design is different from the other boring black porn sites that we usually see. Clad in royal purple, the entire look spells out fun. You will be welcomed by a big banner, inviting you to join the site once you have landed on its main home page. On the banner, you are going to see the best scenes that the site has to offer so far. Scrolling down, you will already get to see their latest full movies. Early on, you already know that the quality of the videos is really good because the thumbnails themselves are clear and crisp. Aside from the thumbnail, you will also get to read a short synopsis of what the video is going to be about, that is if the straightforward title is not enough for you. One of the best things to look forward to in this network aside from the quality of their videos is their different download format options. There are two: WMV and FLV. This provides you more option on the devices where you would want to play these videos from. Also, the photos can be downloaded in zip files more their members’ convenience.

Models & Video Quality

If you are looking for different types of chicks then this is a good site for you. It covers a lot of different female aesthetics: blonde beauties, brunette ladies, Asian hotties, they have the complete package. They also go through the different niches as well. You’ll see MILFs, blow jobs, and cream pies just to name a few. It seems that the only thing that ties all of these videos and photos together is the fact that all of their lady models are fat. But aside from that, Fat and Flabby offers just the same selections as much as the other sites in the XXX Network. One thing that we have noticed so far with the beauties in this network is that they look like they are having a lot more fun compared to other porn stars. You can see a lot of them smiling, not in a suggestive way, but in a “look at me, I’m having fun” way. That certainly adds to the positive vibe of the site. But don’t worry, if you are thinking that this little detail will kick you off course from your gain, then no it won’t. While these girls may look like they’re just playing around, they can certainly show that they mean business as well. They can certainly perform what other porn stars can, regardless of their weight. Heck, their fat even seems to grant them more advantage. In one of their latest videos, we watched as a fat beauty took in a massive cock. She took it into all of her holes: her mouth, her fat wet pussy, and her gigantic ass, and all while her big boobies are bouncing back and forth. It was unbelievable. We honestly have not seen anything like it before.

Final Resume

Overall, Fat and Flabby is a really unique site, not just because of the girls’ weight, but because of the dedication they put into the making of these videos. Their scenes are as special as their beauties and it really looks like there was a lot of creativity that went into the creation of the porn site’s photos and videos. It is also very rare to see fat and confident women as these two attributes don’t really go together that often. But Fat and Flabby has an entire collection of that, not to mention that their contents are being updated regularly as well. If fat women really turn you on, then this site will be perfect for you. If not, then we suggest that you still look at it anyway. Give it a chance to change your mind about the subject. After all, signing up with the site does not restrict you to Fat and Flabby alone. You will also get access to the XXX Network’s other sites that features other niches like Model Muscles (which features body building beauties), Big Black and White (where white chicks get pounded hard by big black men), and Squirter Girls (where you get to really see hard squirters) just to name a few.

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