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The FeedHerFuckHer is one of the best BBW plus food fetish porn sites out there. Every flick comes from the workshop of the ScoreGroup, and many of them are coming in HD. You are going to love these scenes if you are into BBWs, however, the bonus site might be one of the strongest points that makes the deal sweeter: the XLGirls doesn’t feature eating, but the BBWs there are looking great, and there are always new faces appearing.

The videos you can view or download at the FeedHerFuckHer are hot and they are all exclusive. You are going to find here some very fine shots to enjoy.

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Website Layout

As you open the site, you are going to be welcomed by the tour page. It has several features, and it’s built to make you interested in the content. There are preview clips for you, and if you open a photo gallery, you can view the first few pictures – you may also enlarge them. These two important tour features ought to be enough to get your engines going, and want to get inside. You will find it that the signup process is simple and fast. In a matter of one or two minutes you are going to land on the inner page. That’s going to be a very simple one: the menu on the top says only Welcome, and it offers you link to the included sites. Nevertheless you can easily access to content, though there are no searching of filtering options.

Well, at least the viewing and the downloading options are good. You can watch the videos of the FeedHerFuckHer via an embedded player, which is the usual, standard Flash-player. You can view the videos on full-screen, without the loss of quality you might encounter on other hardcore sites. There are no download limitations, so you could save the videos to your hard drive in different formats. Usually WMV and MP4 files are offered – one of these also has an HD version, but that’s not available for all of the videos. You have a full-scene download option, but if you prefer to save only part of the action, you might pick from the 5 minutes long short videos.

The photo galleries are quite enticing. They mostly feature 60 pictures: real digital stills shot before, during and after the action, and they grant you some nice modeling shots too. Most galleries offer real high-resolution photos, and they look much better than the videos. If you are a man who prefers photos, save the galleries by downloading one of the offered zip files.

Models & Video Quality

If we look at the big picture, the FeedHerFuckHer is a really nasty porn site. It’s not just because it has a selection of hardcore porn videos with feeding and fucking, but because the girls are real BBWs, who have layers of fat on their body, and who seem to like it when they get what they need. The videos of the FeedHerFuckHer are juicy, and the girls are truly making people interested in this kind of pornography.

You are going to find here a significant models’ database, and in case you are someone with a crush on big women, then this website is going to be an all-time favorite for you. Now, if you are not a picky man, but rather a man who appreciates variety, the models’ database of the FeedHerFuckHer will certainly satisfy you, as there are hot ladies from different ethnicities. Big Black women are your thing, then check the list, there are a whole lot of them, and they are putting on a great show: they eat and get fucked. It’s true though that the models of the site are mostly Caucasians. However, they are hot, and they are certainly something and they are highly varied, so despise their common features, you won’t see them as all of the same kind.

So, the videos are all about fucking, but there is a common gimmick in them, which have to be featured, as that gives the whole site’s niche. In these videos the girls claim that eating makes them horny, or at least they rather give their pussy to a guy who knows how to coock, rather than to someone who only knows how to use the microwave oven. In almost every scene the girls eat: before sex usually, but it’s not uncommon that they stuff their mouth while the guy bangs them from behind.

To be honest, these videos are really nasty, as they cover different fetishes. We loved the flicks of the site, as they were hot and sexy. We don’t have too much guys here who are really into big women, but we came to agree on the quality of the sex: it’s truly hot and just as nasty as it should be. Regarding the level of professionalism, we realized quite soon that the older pictures are closer to the amateur porn, but as we reached the actual date, the quality increased a lot. The lightning is better than ever, the camera is in firm hands, and the overall impression we get here was quite positive. The folks behind these videos seem to have grown up for it, and such their flicks are quite good.

Final Resume

The FeedHerFuckHer is a site that’s going to keep you interested and horny for a really long time. The scenes here are hot, the sex in them is hardcore, and the eating and the BBW appearance of the girls grants the whole collection really fine fetishist edge. There are new videos added, at least the quality and the dates suggest that the recent flicks are really recent, and the girls are always hot in their area.

You will see here a whole lot of juicy chicks eating and fucking. Those who are into BBWs will certainly love the extra site they get for free: the XLGirls features more big bodies with layers of fat on them, and horny girls who are eager to show their pussy and their overall body to them.

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