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One of the big leaders in the porn industry, and home to some of the most popular porn stars in the scene, Fetish Network, has done it again. We are going to talk about one of the biggest porn sites in their network – Fetish Girls. Following the porn site’s tagline “girls rule, boys drool”, you will totally drool over this porn site’s offerings. Why? Because you will get to direct the videos yourself. Yes, you have read that right. You are going to get the exact video that you want because what it will show will be completely up to you! Surprising right? But it’s true, and we are totally not dreaming, nor joking. We already know what’s going through your mind right now: “that must cost a LOT, no thanks”. Well, you might want to rethink that last part because you can actually join and register as a member of this porn site for free. Just imagine a long list of girls is waiting for you right now to tell them how to act out your dirtiest fantasies. This is actually where the porn site got its name because their girls are available to act out your fetishes on cam. Aside from that, you will also get to view the other videos created by other members. With all of that being said, the site really has no direct genre. It just operates on the general term “fetish” but it does not focus on anything specific. It covers almost all of them actually as you can make videos that targets blow jobs, masturbation, or cream pies – it’s your call. You also get to control who stars in your video, so it would also be up to you what the lady will look like as well. If you are craving for some big boobs, then you can simply select a girl with big boobs. It is as simple as that. We are guessing that you are more than ready to sign-up already, right? And who wouldn’t, with this kind of rare offer? Well don’t worry; the sign-up process is pretty simple and quick. You just need to create a username, a password, and enter your email, and that is it. You are all set to start on your first video.

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Website Layout

The overall website design is classy with a black theme. From the very first page, you will already notice that this porn site means business. You will already see the pictures of the available models, along with a short description about themselves, like their nationality and age, and, of course, their fetish specialty. Scrolling down, you will see the porn site’s archive of their live shows. The previews contain the date and time when the video was made, along with the name of the model starring in it. Another scroll would then show you the fetish clips made by other members: those that have been top rated, and those that are recently made. Another great feature of this site is its fast servers. Because of their different features, they have made the site completely prepared for the technical requirements. So you do not need to worry about slow loading and buffering times to spoil the fun.

Models & Video Quality

If it’s girls that you are after, then you will surely find all the types of them here. Blondes, brunettes, Asians, the whole package – the porn site Fetish Girls had truly made sure that they have all the aesthetics covered for every member’s taste. They also have a guaranteed scheme to get more women for us with their Fetish Model program where women can earn us much as over seventy-five thousand dollars, plus the exposure that they need to get started in the competitive porn industry. Now, let’s move on to the videos. One thing that you may find interesting in the site is its amateur-ish charm. The reason behind this is because the girls are mostly in charge of their cameras as well. In fact, most of the videos are shot in their own homes. But there is no need to worry because the lighting are still of good quality and each of these videos go through a selection process from the network before they are finally uploaded.

Final Resume

Overall, this site is a total must try for all those who love porn. I mean, who would not want to try directing porn videos on their own for free? First, you get to pick the perfect model for the job. We understand that there are times that you just get the perfect video or the exact scenario that turns you on, but something just doesn’t click and you realize, it’s the girl. Well, you won’t experience that here. Second, you get to select the action. What do you want to see? Do you want the girl to play with herself until she’s dripping wet? Or do you want her to stick something up her pussy? Or into her ass? It is totally your call. Next, you can also get to choose their outfits. One of the thumbnails shows a black beauty clad in a toga looking like a Greek Goddess. And finally, of course, you get to choose the fetish that the model will present. And then of course, you will get the chance to download the video – and download other member-directed videos! And, as if all the fun that you can do in this site is just endless, you will also get other perks as well. You will be able to see real girls live. For a more personal touch, you can opt for a private live show where you get total control of. The porn site also offers FREE video chat access with a guaranteed high definition camera and audio. This is truly a porn site filled with endless possibilities and hours of horny fun. The limits of your pleasure just depend on your own creativity and imagination. We also understand that there may still be a lot of things worth to improve on, but even now, they are already miles away from the other porn sites in town. Gentlemen, we are currently looking right now, on the future face of porn and it is amazing.

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