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Of course it stands to reason that FootsieBabes is going to be all about foot fetishists. As soon as you land on their page, there will be absolutely no question that this site is all about foot fetish. Immediately you will see one beautiful girl playing with a delightfully engorged cock with her feet. Next they show one good-looking girl doing the same to yet another enormous cock. However, this picture is quite different, for where the cock comes out from between her gorgeous feet, another horny lady is going down on that cock. Thus the owner is going to have double the pleasure. Already we are tremendously excited and overly interested.

The next picture now shows a long haired blonde lady sitting in an Indian position. She too has grasped the bulging cock in between her feet and is holding onto it with her insteps, but what makes this pictured doubly exciting is that she is lithe enough to bend over her feet and suck on that hard throbbing maleness as she holds it steady with her feet. Granted not all ladies are lithe enough to practice that, and some might be a bit old to bend like that, but it certainly excited this libido!

What really turned us on at this point is that we had not even scrolled down the page yet to see what else they had set for us to read and see in order to entice us into their site. Cautiously we began to scroll down. What we saw absolutely mesmerized us, for there was an absolutely beautiful youngster who was holding onto yet another swollen cock, but this position was different and happened to be our very favorite!
The next picture really had me going for it was a lady wearing some high heeled slippers which were decorated in marabou. The entire slipper matched the color of what we could only surmise was her negligee. The toes were sticking out of these slippers and even the toenails were painted that luscious bright pink color. Such care with a picture is only attributable to the fantastic care that the owners of the site always show, and you’ll be thankful for such touches.

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Website Layout

As enticing as the first few pictures were, we were almost not ready to discover what we found as we delved even deeper. Suddenly there was a buxom brunette who was having her toes sucked. What really got us was that he was working so earnestly at sucking that toe that his eyes were closed in pure pleasure. Her eyes were, at this junction, wide open but she radiated pure pleasure. Her eyes were half slitted with pleasure, and her mouth was obviously forming a very loud “Oh” as he continued. All this just from a picture. Imagine how excited we will find that video when we open it at that site?

The very next picture showed a man giving a lady some very intense massages to her feet. Her smile betrayed everything she was feeling at getting that message, and we squirmed in our chair to find a better position for our hard on! Following this was a picture of a raven-haired beauty who was having her foot kissed by a male who was getting his large dick played with as she used her obviously very educated toes to stroke him.

Picture after picture followed, and each time we zeroed into one, it was with surprise and occasional gasps, for their pictures certainly captured the entire fetish of feet and sex involving feet with utter dedication. The thing was that they spared pictures to excite us about this beautiful fetish.

The incredible toe sucking that you will stumble upon in this site will definitely not only get you going but will take you all the way into la-la-land and then some. The point is of course, that it is truly obvious that they know what they are doing with this fetish.

Models & Video Quality

Any site on the Internet will be carried by a Network, especially porn sites, and as this is a porn site you should know that they are being carried by the 21Sextury Network. This particular network has won many awards for being at the top in their field. The very latest if for them to have won the Adult Site of the Year, a coveted winning for sure that is carried by XBIZ that all adult sites hope to win. This alone leads you to be sure and find this site if you are interested in foot sex and foot fetishes.

FootsieBabes is going to be very easy to locate. You need only type in that name and the computer will render you there immediately. The reason for this is that is that it is a very well-known and respected site. All of the 21Sextury Network sites are always easy to find as the sites are usually reserved by the network long before it is known to attract people of course. Again, just a sign of their heightened expertise in the adult entertainment world such as FootsieBabes.

Being an award winner site has brought a tremendous amount of respect from other adult sites, and you will find references to the site often in reading about porn sites, but let’s face it they have the right to be inordinately proud. It always feels great to have your peers look up to you, and FootsieBabes has earned being a heralded site. Thus what you are about to read will take you by surprise.

Final Resume

FootsieBabes has offered you the right to enjoy all 41 of their sites all for the price of one, namely FootsieBabes. These sites are all mobile ready, have high-speed downloads, and of course also feature high definition videos, as well as daily updates. Then to all of their sites are Discreet, Secure and Safe as well. Amazing! Costs are going to be either one day at a time for $0.95, quarterly for $19.98 per month, monthly at $19.95 per months, or yearly at $9.95 per month or yearly at $119.40 for the one time.


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