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When I got tired of all the same porn that I was used to seeing, I finally decided to start my search for a new site, something to bring me fresh, hardcore content, something exciting. It took me a while, but I finally found GenesisMagazine, the very best of hardcore action, whether it is girl on girl, or girls with a guy, or plain old fucking, it didn’t fail to deliver, and I stuck with it, ever since.

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Website Layout

Set against a nice white background, the home page starts off as somewhat simplistic, until the first two seconds pass and the gigantic, high quality slider loads. Going left and right, you see interchangeable scenes of threesomes with two girls, foursomes with two guys and girls, a girl lying in leaves, two stunning lesbians, a lot of good porn that got me aroused the moment I saw it. When I got out of it, I started to scroll and find that the site has many videos and a nice section devoted to both videos and the pornstars, all sorted by name, popularity, the date they were added on or just by rating. Just by going down, you are able to see some of the videos, all of them having nice captions which briefly summarize them, along with some of the photos, making the first impression really good. Along with navigation being so speedy and without lag, which goes the same on the mobile devices, I came to the conclusion that the site was optimized for all devices.

Models & Video Quality

The girls were what I was interested in. Starting to cruise through the video section, I came across some really nice videos, most of them made me aroused in the first few seconds, but coming to the end, I was ready to explode with pleasure. It is really necessary to mention that the girls can be girls, but a bit more mature, as well, bringing with them experience a chick cannot have. It is, in fact, one of the videos I liked the most, a guy getting it on with his fresh girl, when they are joined by an older couple, with more experience, one that proceeded to teach them a few things. First they were learning by just looking, but soon enough it turned into a foursome, where it was hard to tell who fucked who, and to what extent. I know that in the end, both of the guys gave the girls a facial and they ended sucking all the cum from their dicks, and swapping it afterwards. A scene like that is what is to be expected from this site, except they are all different, with different girls, blond, black haired, red, whichever you like, although they are all stunning. There are lesbian scenes, as well as solo masturbation, whichever you prefer. The videos are over twenty thousand in number, updated weekly, four times a week to be precise, and they are all in full HD. With the addition of the image gallery, you also have a lot of photos to look at, though that is not all. With the membership comes the option to download movies and photos and seventeen free more sites.

Final Resume

With so much porn at my disposal, I was unsure what to do at first. Then, after a while, it came to me, I would start my own porn collection, and given the high speed of the servers, it was not long before my hard drive was full. At GenesisMagazine, I found all the greatest hardcore, yet passionate action I had been missing for a while. With their photo gallery and seventeen free sites, all updated regularly, I would recommend it to any porn lover, as it has never disappointed me.

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