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The theme of the GFRevenge site is one where ex-boyfriends make public the intimate sex movies they made with their then girlfriends to get back at them for being dumped. Whatever, these movies are really hot with two people giving it all they’ve got and being careful to catch it all on camera, perhaps for that future ‘rainy day’ when they have nothing to watch or just want to be reminded of times gone by. Their claim is they have the web’s biggest collection of submitted girlfriend pictures and movies. Their Home page suggests they’re right. There are at least 135 images from movies on that page alone. To the casual visitor, that’s all they are, just images. For a member, of course, they link directly to the movie. Visitors are sent straight to the sign-on page where an easy online form awaits. Don’t be put off by the ‘amateur user-submitted’ tag here. This site has HD movies and photos that are as good as any professional site. And like any other professional, members only, site, they have exclusive content and no advertising among their content. An added bonus when you join this site is that it’s part of the Snapleaks network where you can see even more fresh chicks doing what comes naturally on sites like, ‘CrazyCollegeGF’ whose title sums up its content pretty accurately, ‘BlackGFs’, again the title tells it like it is, ‘DareDorm’ which features fresh chicks and their friends experiencing all the joys that life in a dorm can bring, and ‘CrazyAsianGFs’ for those of us who love those dainty, demure cuties from Asia. They also have a ‘Horny Birds’ site where women get to play the active role in their sexual encounters and we get to watch.

Design & Features

Fresh chicks and sex are a winning combination in anybody’s world and that’s absolutely true of the web world. GFRevenge is swimming in a large pool and yet keeping ahead of the sharks. How is that? A number of things make this a great site. One is the cuteness of the girls; they’re gorgeous. Another is the excellent quality of the movies and pictures, nothing amateur about any of them, and perhaps most importantly is the added frisson of the ‘revenge’ aspect of the videos; somehow, that extra bit of naughtiness brings out the best in them and perhaps the worst in us. This is a site that is stripped down to the basics; the Home page is practically all pictures except for a header that provided links to Home, Member Login, and Instant Access and a footer that has a link to ‘Get a Password’ and then links to site ‘boilerplate’ pages (Customer Support, etc.). Interspersed occasionally though the images down the page are more invitations to become a member and that’s all, no text or other distractions. As uncluttered a web page design as you’ll find anywhere. If you’re looking for fast streaming movies featuring fast undressing steaming hot chicks, you’ve found it at GFRevenge.

Girls & Videos

All chicks are real girls with natural tits and desire to experiment with their boyfriends. One of the most amazing scenes I have ever watched on the internet is found on GF Revenge. Two girls are attending a party. The star of this clip, a superb brunette chick, with short hair has already emptied a lot of wine and beer glasses. She and her sexy friend go into a garage where the boyfriend of the short haired bitch is coming. Next the girl with the long hair tries to convince the couple to engage into some erotic acts. The way that the short haired girl is talking and moving is so exciting; you won’t find something like that in other user submitted videos. Finally the girl is convinced to suck some cock. Even if she said she didn’t wanted you can see by the way she deepthroats that she is very excited. The second girl doesn’t interfere in the fun, she only watches and talks. Next thing you know the boy gets her panties down and starts licking her pussy. That did it! There is no turning back now. The slut is wet like hell and now wants the real thing inside her pussy. The boy has a very long dick and his girlfriend is already drawling thinking how nice it will fit into her. They start fucking and the slut is taking his dick very naturally, moaning very exciting. She fucks while being filmed and she loves it! Moments later she has an orgasm and she looks so happy. But the boy didn’t finish with her yet! The other girl tries to convince her to some ass fucking. After a few minutes of exciting dialog, the bitch agrees! When her boyfriend’s dick gets into her ass you can see that this slut really loves it there. She moans wanting that this moment will never end. But it did! With a big facial on her sweet face. The moment when he cums on her face it’s amazing. The bitch looks surprised and a little ashamed, but you can see that she loves it! The way that the entire clip is taped, and especially the way that this girl is talking and fucking makes this one of the best amateur movies on the web! The ending when she is smiling and laughing with sperm dripping all over her face worth’s millions! You can get a lot more clips like this on GF Revenge. The site is updated regularly with new great clips and pictures.

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