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Have you ever wanted to see something completely different? If you have, then there is a site that will make you stay there for a long time. The site is called Granddadz and as you might deduce from the name, it features old guys. But, that’s just the start of things, as you can see them fuck girls, newbies, no less. The site has high-quality videos that you really need to check out, not to mention that you might learn something from the grand dadz.

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Website Layout

There is rarely a site that has a design as good as this one does. It is remarkable that you can enjoy such a lovely design as well as great content. The first look at the page grants you pleasure since you’re greeted by a large, high-resolution image. It is at the top of the page and it changes by itself. If you happened to like a certain image, you can click on one of the three buttons and look at it again. Above that image, you can find a menu bar with the ages of your preferred males, as well as the login and join buttons.

The site has a white and green theme, most of it being white with the important features highlighted in green. If you continue to scroll, you can also find out more about the site’s videos, as there are many previews lined up for you. You can also see the duration of the videos, their ratings, as well as the short descriptions so that you know what you are in for. This site wants you to stay, as you have great optimization here, a fast response time and what’s even better, a working mobile version of the site. 

Models & Video Quality

Some might find difficulties when browsing the other sites, but this site works like a charm, getting you to where you want to be without much hassle. Arriving at the videos section, I was not surprised to see that it was sorted well and that you can find the videos that you want rather quickly. I was surprised, however, at the action itself, as it offered a lot more than what I expected at first. The site has a lot of old guys, of different ages but who are sexually more than just active.

The huge resolutions make things even better as you can enjoy the close ups. The videos last for 20 minutes on average, but you can also enjoy the photos, too. Each video has at least 50 photos which you can look at or download, as well as the videos. You also have access to some of the videos from their other sites, which is a good bonus if you want to spice things up a bit. Furthermore, the site has regular updates, you can watch your favorite old studs in new adventures.

Final Resume

This is a great site, one that you should not miss out on, especially if you want to see new sex and enjoy a variety of approaches to a sex scene. What I like even more about the site is that the sex is passionate and great and that the old guys are very active, considering things. The girls are pretty, the videos are in high resolution and the site is optimized for every device. Enjoy your stay on Granddadz, you will be there for some time.

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