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Remember seeing that hot neighbor of yours, the one you always wanted to see while taking a shower but you never could since she had the curtains up? Well, look no further, because here, you will not just see a hottie taking a shower, but every and any kind of woman. On hidden-showers, a mini camera captures women showering unaware of the voyeurs taking pleasure in their daily activities.

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Website Layout

The design is very simple, therefore, it allows you to browse through the videos without any interruptions. Thus, you can easily find your way around the site and its many videos. They are sorted by date, which is very nice, because you can track the number of times a certain woman you liked has taken showers. You can also browse the videos by page numbers, which is also helpful, as you can easily switch between the earlier and later ones. Such a simplistic layout does have its advantages as you can master it in a few clicks and therefore go straight to enjoying yourself. While the site’s design is, as mentioned, simple, the navigation is very slick, giving you a feeling that each of those women have, once they put soap on their bodies. That was on my desktop, however, the mobile phone is not any worse, in fact, the optimization was very good, giving me the opportunity to look at all kinds of women while taking a shower myself. That is something that can give your imagination incentive and maybe even something else.

Models & Video Quality

Looking at the many videos, I saw that different kind of women enter the shower room, and it is worth mentioning that there are always a few of them at a single time. From mature ones which have an aura of experience about them, to the fresh ones with tighter bodies, you can definitely choose what is to your preference. What the women do in the shower is a different thing, as some of them prefer just having a quick wash, while other do like to have a little rub, some add a lick to that rub and it quickly becomes very, very interesting. From big boobs to small ones, with tight and not so tight asses, all of them are unaware of the voyeurs and other horny people which are watching them constantly. The videos are of a high quality, especially if you have in mind that this is a very small and hidden camera, which is not supposed to be noticed at any time. Apart from that, there is a huge number of videos, over one and a half thousand and it is growing daily. That is something every porn lover likes to know, not just voyeurs. While the membership plan does not seem like a great one at first glance, think again, as it offers more than just full access to Hidden Shower videos. Upon joining you get the possibility to download every one of the videos, which is always great, as having it ready on a computer or mobile phone is quite a nice thing. How about two more sites with different content? Check, add that to your list of desires.

Final Resume

A hidden camera which captures videos of a good quality, while the women take showers and engage in activities of a very lustful nature, makes Hidden Shower a must have on your list of voyeur sites. If that is not enough, always have in mind the two other sites you get after joining, as well as the ability to download the videos and the fact that you would not run out of voyeur pleasure since the site is updated daily.

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