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The HomeMadePornPass is a hub that lets you access three different porn sites, providing hardcore amateur porn videos and picture sets. The site launched in 2010, so it’s still a pretty new page. On the HomeMadePornPass you won’t find actual content, it’s just a page that offers you the links and the credentials to the three included sites. These sites are included: OurSexPhotos, which grants access to a huge photo archive that’s updated regularly. OurHomeClips provides you with a big compilation of hardcore porn videos, mostly in Standard-Definiton, while the HQHomeClips has a growing collection of HD, or nearly HD movies, which offers better quality playback than any other site. The videos here are not exclusive, but that’s only expected when we’re talking about home-made porn and collection websites. If you are an experienced porn watcher you may be already familiar with the large collection sites, and it’s quite sure that you also share the opinion that these three pages do offers some unique content, and provides a good amount of porn videos, that are note featured anywhere else. The HomeMadePornPass is free of third party advertisements, and on the included sites, you won’t encounter any ads either.

Design & Features

The HomeMadePornPass has a very quick tour, if you click on the Preview button; you get to a page where the site lists some of the latest updates. The three sites have their own tour pages, which offer some insight in the form of few short trailers, if you want, you can go to them separately. In the event you decide to join a site, the best is to go to the HomeMadePornPass, and register there, so you get access to three sites for the price of one. The members’ zone of the HomeMadePornPass is just a hub: you need to choose one of the sites, enter your login credentials, and you can start browsing this vast collection. The inner section of the included sites follows the same template and organizing scheme: there is a narrow heading on the top, and the largest part of the page lists the content. On the left side of the page, you can see the categories menu, while the right side lists the latest additions, so you can always know what’s hot. There is no search engine implemented, but after you choose a main category, you get a bunch of filtering options to help you narrow the results: you may select quality, file type, length, and niches. These options are not available on the photo site. The videos are available for online viewing in a Flash-based player, and you may save them in their original formats: FLV or MP4. Some videos offer HD resolutions, but since it’s amateur porn, the majority is only SD. The picture sets are available in archives too, and you may browse them in a slideshow in your browser.

Girls & Videos

There are no pornstars on the sites within the HomeMadePornPass. You can enjoy the hot hardcore intercourses of amateur couples and you can rest your eyes on the nude photos of cute girlfriends and housewives. There is a huge variety among the girls, and since the site doesn’t offer you any models’ index, you need to rely on the thumbnails to see if the girl in there is your type. As far as it can be detected, there are various ethnicities present here, and the videos come from all around the world, so don’t be surprised if you hear the couples talking in foreign languages. The best thing about the collection of the HomeMadePornPass that it provides you a huge collection, and each video (and gallery) features different girls, which means that you can enjoy more than 20,000 different girls. All video on the three sites of the HomeMadePornPass are actual home-porn, and in difference with some fake sites that promise home-made porn, these are not just the old things that everyone has seen who seeks this kind of porn online, but there are lots of new movies. Another important aspect is that at last you found a site, where the amateur videos are captured in good quality. Among the movies of the HQHomeClips, you can find some videos with actually HD resolution. The scenes here aren’t scripted, everything that happens is accidental and controlled by the lust of the featured couples, and most of them have an in medias res beginning, which means that they get it on in the first minute, there is no talking and fooling around, so you don’t need to suffer fake dialogues with no actual meaning. The sex that takes place is very, varied, and they cover almost all hardcore niches: there are blowjobs, cunilingus, and pussy fucking, but you can find a large number of anal sex, and kinky things like ass licking (girl licks the guy’s) and a pile of fetishes too. Not all videos are hardcore though; there are movies that cover mostly softcore porn, featuring masturbation mostly. As for the actual number of the scenes, the sites provide you with exact numbers: the OurHomeClips offers you 4485 hardcore videos and 549 softcore ones, along with 11 exclusive scenes. The HQHomeClips grants you access to 1339 hardcore, 112 solo and 29 “Sex on the Beach” clips. Also on the OurSexPhotos you will find 238 home-made porn videos. It looks like there is no sharing and overlapping of content between the sites, so this adds up to more than 6000 hardcore amateur porn videos.


The HomeMadePornPass is only a hub which can help you reach the three sites included within. It’s quite certain that you have met with amateur content online, but in difference with those sites, on these three you can find some BBWs and more mature women, it’s not just about girls under twenty. The collection is large, and fortunately all sites update regularly, and there are not just one set or movie added to the site on an occasion. The membership fee is money well spent, especially for those who like hardcore sex, performed by real couples.