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What do you look for in an amateur porn video submission site? Sure, we understand that a lot of people enjoy watching directed or professionally produced porn, but there are also a lot of us who enjoy watching amateur porn as well. Some of the reasons why we like it is one, we can see ourselves in the video (the people that we usually see on amateur porn more or less dress and fuck like us, which makes it more appealing), two, their sex is more genuine and realistic (you can be sure that they’re not faking the orgasms, because, in the end, they’re not being paid to take a video of their sexcapades, they just enjoy doing it making it more realistic compared to those scripted scenes that we usually see on professional porn). However, one of the unfortunate details of amateur porn usually turns off some of us here, especially the girls. A lot of the amateur porn submission sites operate in a problematic way: the videos were stolen, and the girls that we sometimes see on video don’t even know that their video was leaked. For those of you who are okay with that, then it’s totally fine, but for those who don’t, well we have some good news for you. We have actually found a good amateur porn submission site where all the videos here were submitted with all of the participant’s consent. In fact, some of the videos were even shot for the purpose of submitting them to the site! Cool, right? The porn site is called Home Porno Tapes. According to the porn site’s tagline, Home Porno Tapes is the “largest collection of homemade porn videos from all over the world”. With that being said, the porn site contains thousands of homemade videos, which guarantees thousands of hours of watching enjoyment as well. If you can’t wait to access their huge archive already, then allow us to share with you Home Porno Tapes’ different membership plans. You can choose among the three: one month, two months, and three months. According to Home Porno Tapes, the most popular option among their members is the one month option. Not only because it provides the best value for money, but because it also comes with a free seven days bonus. If you still haven’t decided yet, then what we recommend is for you to visit their homepage first and download the free sample that they are currently offering, in order to give you an idea of what to expect after signing up. In this way, you will already get to view the quality of videos that they are offering.

Good pay sex site with user submitted porn videos

Website Layout

Speaking of quality, we would like to remind you that for a porn site that relies on a hundred percent submitted porn, the quality of the videos may vary. After all, the videos here were not shot inside a studio with fancy lighting and camera equipment. Most of them were made at home, and were taken probably through a camera phone, or other types of basic camera equipment. What we appreciate about Home Porno Tapes though is the fact that they actually carefully select the videos first before finally uploading them to their site. How did we know? Well, you can see it on the general quality of their video selections. Other amateur porn submission sites just go ahead and upload everything – even those videos with really grainy pictures and poor lighting. This porn site, on the other hand, contains only videos with clear images and decent lighting where you can get to see everything, which only proves how much they really value their members. Moving on to the website design, the website only has a simple and classy black theme. However, we are really fond of the website banner that will welcome you upon landing on the homepage. It was creatively designed according to the theme. Below the said banner, you will already get to see the previews of the videos. These previews are really helpful as they provide different information about the video. First, it contains the name and the location of the people who created the video. You will also get to see the video’s length, along with different thumbnails that show the most action-filled scenes that you are going to see in the video. Finally, it also contains a short story about the people in the video and why they have decided to share their video with the porn site.

Models & Video Quality

Because this is an amateur porn submission site, all of the ladies that you are going to see here are not professional porn stars. However, it is also important to mention that they are still as beautiful – some people even appreciate amateur porn models more. Also, going back to the site’s tagline, let us not forget that this is, after all, the largest porn submission site, which means that there are thousands of different girls in the website, as many as the videos themselves! We are sure that you are easily going to find the women that you really like here because they have a lot for you to choose from. As for the videos, we really like the fact that most of the videos here were submitted with the creators’ consent. In fact, some videos here were even created with love. For instance, we have found a video submitted by a proud husband who just wants to show the world how sexy his wife is and how lucky he is to fuck an amazing woman like her. And finally, we have found another video which was submitted by a boyfriend to fulfill his girlfriend’s dream of becoming a porn star.

Final Resume

Overall, we really enjoyed how this entire porn site works because it is all clean yet dirty fun. Even after hours of watching, we still have a clear conscience that we were not invading into something that we were not supposed to see – and this feeling is actually pretty rare coming from an amateur porn submission site such as Home Porno Tapes.

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