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HungBFVideos is a website that caters to women, also other guys in case they are gay, they will also enjoy watching these videos. There are a stream of hot guys with sharp physiques almost in all of them and styled crew cut and varied hair with different ethnicities showing off their hung dicks and you will be astonished as to the size that these guys possess. Their dicks are pretty big for being ordinary guys and not pornstars.

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Website Layout

As soon as you enter the website you are landed at a caution page wherein if you are under the certain age you should not visit the page since it contains explicit adult content not suitable for some people. There is a bunch of naked men showing their junk, not to forget attractive men with rather large organs but with their dicks censored. There is a large logo and below it is the enter button. Upon entering, you see a phrase hat reads a large collection of user submitted videos of well-hung boyfriends. Below that there is a slew of studs showing off their large dicks and posing boldly.

There are a lot of high-quality clickable pictures and videos laid out in rows of four for the users to see. There are studs, hunks, twinks and jock home made videos of guys showing their dicks, sometimes sucking their own, fucking other guys on a few and jerking off on most of the videos. The website features a simple white background with pictures and a note that reads download all videos and access video archive instantaneously. There is a customer support button that gives its service free of charge 24/7 round the clock and there is a lot of content for viewers to see which you will be easily able to spot with their focus mainly centered on videos and pictures.

Models & Video Quality

There are a lot of well-hung studs for you to see and they all belong mainly the white community, videos also feature black and latino men but very few in number. A lot of the videos have these studs milking their dicks and laying it all out on the floor, some of them feature gay guys sucking each other dicks for pleasure and some just lying around doing pretty much nothing, which means interested users can ogle at them for pleasure to satisfy their craving for big cocks.

The quality of the videos and pictures is top notch and you will be rest assured that there will be no complaints regarding that. There is a video where a guy is masturbating on a bench in a forested area, passers by ogle at him but he doesn’t seem to care at all, that was quite funny and interesting to watch, although I have no interest whatsoever in the dicks, the reactions were a sight to see. HungBFVideos has over 400+ videos updated daily since it is a user submitted website, they are sorted out by the makers and even though they are shot by amateurs, the quality has somehow not been sacrificed. This accounts for a great combination.

There are over 400+ galleries with 30 pictures in each gallery as well for you to see. You may download these pictures into zip files but the content is not exclusive and there is no download limit on the number of videos you want to store on your computer. HungBFVideos on the mobile and tablet devices is smooth like butter, no lagging, no issues with browsing since it is mobile optimised clearly and there is no issue browsing at night since the background provides good lighting in the dark.


HungBFVideos is pretty good for a user submitted website, what struck me was the brilliance in the quality of the resolution of the videos, absolutely top notch. If you are a woman that loves big dicks or you’re a gay guy then you should definitely visit this site.

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