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If you love Asian girls, specifically Japanese ones with shaved lady parts, then you should drop what you are doing right now and play close attention to what I am about to say because this will change your life. I know it sounds a bit dramatic, but my discovery of Japanese Shavers or JP Shavers was nothing short of a surprise when I stumbled upon it. There is just something about Japanese women that makes me, and their overall aura makes them so elegant despite doing such erotic things. In my humble opinion, I prefer Japanese women over any American or Western woman because when it comes to pornography, the Japanese take it seriously.

I know this is porn we are talking about but the way they perform is legitimately real with little to no acting required. Sex is a private affair and all the lovely squeals of pleasure is in no way rehearsed, and that is a major turn on for me. If you are like me and have an affinity to Japanese women with some shaved kitties, then by all means read on further and see what JP Shavers has to offer for us shaved Asian pussy enthusiasts.

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Website Layout

When you first log in the website, you are immediately greeted by a banner of cute Japanese girls with their shaved lady parts on full display. The first feature is their frequent updates. This might now sound like a big deal but trust me, it is a big deal. It is even a bigger deal when their updates are once every three days, posting a least one or two movies. This means there will be at least ten movies uploaded every month and that’s a very promising statistic.

The second feature is their unlimited downloading and streaming of their content. Compared to other Asian themed adult video websites, JP Shavers allows you to download or stream their videos. The videos by default are 720 tall and 1080 wide, which in today’s current standard is considered as high definition. Members have the option to download or stream these videos in low, medium or high quality, but let us get real for a second, who would want to see these cuties in low resolution? As a bonus, their photo galleries can also be downloaded, all in a neat and simple ZIP files.

The last feature is the best feature that got even to a cheapskate like me to sign up for membership, which is access to JP Shaver’s 22 other websites. Yes, you read that right, you get access to 22 other websites made by JP Shavers, all Japanese themed. Being a member means you have access to websites like Office Sex, Japanese Teacher, Idols 69 and many more! These three features can all be enjoyed either on your personal computer or on the go mobile devices like phones or tablets. No as for the girls, well they are really something out of this world.

Models & Video Quality

As of writing this, they currently have 134 with their own profile pages and link to the videos they are featured in. They have cute and innocent faces that resemble those Japanese dolls you see in museums. But nothing is cute and innocent about them when it comes to sex. Majority of these girls are what they call Japanese Adult Video Idols or JAV Idols. JAV Idols is defined as amateur girls who want to be professional porn stars in the porn industry while they are still in their early years.

JAV Idols have such a huge on and off line following that their fans would purchase anything that has their name on it. This type of cult fandom maybe be weird to use westerners but is considered in normal Japanese cultures and the JAV Idols in turn will do anything to make their fans happy. Several JAV Idols would even go as far as promoting themselves on their personal social media accounts so their fans would be updates constantly. But their caring personality is only half the magic of JP Shavers.

To this day, they at least have 384 high definition videos ready for your viewing pleasure. Since Japan is one of the leading country in technology, they use nothing but high quality equipment to film their porn videos. The videos are all in HD so you can see them in their hairless glory. They do offer the videos in lower resolutions, but who wants to see it in low definition, right? I must admit that majority of the videos have censorship in them because it’s Japanese law to put a censor in every porn video. But I do not find that a problem because the sensors are barely noticeable and the videos are still good fapping material. 

Final Resume

JP Shavers claims that they are not some run of the mill porn site and how right they are! They truly embody the Japanese habit of being generous to their guests. Let us review what awesome offers they have for us. First is the frequent updates, second is the kick ass unlimited streaming and downloading of both videos and pictures and lastly is their bonus access to their 22 sister websites.

They have 130+ models featured in 300+ videos, if you add the other models and videos from their sister websites, that’s about 1,650+ models and 7,300+ videos, all can be viewed wither on your computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet. Their customer service was very nice and polite to my incessant questions and registration for my account was a breeze! I feel a tad bit sad why other adult video websites can’t do this as well but my loyalty to Japanese porn now lies with JP Shavers.

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