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Get your lubes within hand’s reach and ready because I just found the perfect gay porn site all gays should try to visit and watch. From the creator of thousands of heavenly videos of men pounding each other in the ass, Kristen Bjorn has decided to offer his avid viewers and easier way to access his creations of erotica. In a world full of accessible information, a lot of bamboozle websites had sprung. However, it is such a fortunate event that Kristen Bjorn provides the gay community with credible and high-quality porn videos, and over a thousand films at that. Whenever you hear the name Kristen Bjorn, you immediately associate to sex and beauty. The casts in his videos are gay men who were graced by the Heavens with the gift of lean body build and perfect faces. If they were born during the Rennaissance period, I am absolutely sure that a huge number of painters would love to see their dicks either hanging or erecting and paint them while they try to stop themselves from touching those picture-perfect boners. There is just no way that I will stop watching these videos. Which is not a problem since Kristen Bjorn consistently provides weekly updates with their contents. Think of it as the newest European TV series that you just discovered and you cannot get over with it.

Website Layout

Just like his films, Kristen Bjorn has a classy overall layout in the website. It is very expected for a multinational award-winning porn film director to have a high standard when it comes to design. As the old saying goes, “Simplicity is beauty”. He really did a good job with the shades he used as his theme. With just five seconds of checking the website, please get ready to catch your jaws from dropping because your eyes will be feasting over men looking like they are having the best fuck of their lives. The entire layout simply summarizes the entire content of the website by using screen capture photos as their header and by making a mini gallery out of these. Unlike other porn websites which offer to get free access to other websites once they subscribe as members, Kristen Bjorn only offers videos from other studios. On the bright side, at least there is no need to leave your current page and go through the hassle of shifting from one tab to the other. When you subscribe as a member in Kristen Bjorn, you not only have a free unstoppable access to the thousands of videos the website contains, you could also download a few videos if you like. I would have hoarded these videos however, they have a strict policy of download limit. Nevertheless, I think this is actually good. Sex can be addicting (if you have a partner) and watching porn videos while masturbating is equally addicting like the real thing. This download limit will surely remind you about your daily responsibilities rather than just ignoring them while jacking off. Lastly, the fact that this website totally works on any mobile or handheld devices is such a blessing! If you prefer using lighter and smaller devices while viewing these carnal passionate acts, the possibility of the quality being sacrificed is rare. Kristen Bjorn simply tries to give its viewers the best comfortable and convenient service while getting lost in the world of lust.

Models & Video Quality

The setting is so grand! You see the setting change from time to time -hotel rooms, kitchen, hot tub, garage, outdoors, and in a gym. The list of places to do it just keeps getting longer. I like how Kristen Bjorn applies his knowledge in videography and try to establish the viewers on the grandeur of the countries or places he chose as his setting. It actually feels like a European field trip with a fuck stop for every place they visited. Kristen Bjorn also offers a shit load of condomless sex videos for a more intimate pleasure. With every pound, you can hear the models moan from the raw texture of the skin, and the folds and bumps of the penis. Wearing condoms can be a nuisance. Condomless sex will definitely tear your ass apart from too much sensation. I found the same reaction with the models in the films. I kind of envy them for being in that glorious situation so I started touching myself and imagine it’s them doing the pleasurable and erotic acts to me. Kristen Bjorn surely has a good eye when it comes to his models. These guys seem too good to be true! Packed with buff and lean muscles, you just can’t help yourself from admiring their perfect athletic bodies. You should be dying to touch your screen monitor by now when you get to see them grind each other. Another thing that adds to their perfection, they all looked healthy with that kind of skin. They are fair and smooth, obviously they know how to take care of themselves. This will attract more members who are so concerned with hygiene. A question has been boggling my mind since I got myself hooked into this website. Do they have a length requirement for their model’s penises? I swear they all have long dicks and watching these models rub their dicks with each other is such an eye candy.

Final Resume

I certainly love this website and strongly recommend this to horny gays out there who just can’t get enough of playing on their own or exploring their sexuality with their partners. This is it! The perfect website to satisfy our huge carnal cravings! Not only is this website entertaining, it also contains informative videos of new ways on how to pleasure yourself or your partner and perform better in bed, whether you prefer to on top or bottom.

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