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The foot fetish was one of my favorites niche for a long time, and since I am very passionate about it, I went up and about the internet, searching for a site that would provide me with the best feet and the best action. I found one that really satisfied me and it is called LegAction, where the legs and the feet come into focus, as I and a lot of you prefer it, that much I am sure about.

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Website Layout

Placed against a black and white minimalistic background are the many, many stills from the videos, and that is the first thing you see once you land on the home page. The minimalistic design is really good, making way for the content, something which I am sure you would prefer seeing and looking at. When you start scrolling through the stills, you already get a sense of arousal, as the feet and legs start staring back at you. I saw a lot of scenes I liked, and upon joining and going to the actual videos section, saw that they were, of course sorted, with filters such as popularity, rating, name, and most importantly, shoe size. Another thing that I loved about the site is that they didn’t waste resources on a marvelous design, in order to sacrifice speed. Speed is very important when browsing porn sites, especially since you are eager, I would guess, to see it. Even on the mobile phone, the navigation was great, and I am grateful for their optimization.

Models & Video Quality

Feet, feet everywhere, that is what I love about this site. The girls featured are either amateurs or a bit more mature, yet all of them are stunningly hot, especially their long legs and their feet. Whether they are masturbating, you know it, feet would be involved, either she would dip a dildo into her wet pussy using only her legs, or proceed to lick her own toes, while rubbing her clit at the same time, you always come out as the winner. There was one video which I really liked, a threesome. They start off kissing and licking each other, until they get a bit more naked. One girl lies on her back, stroking a dick with her feet, and the other one would suck it, taking turns between the dick, and the toes of the other girl. Once they get to the fucking, you really get some steaming action, all the while, the feet are important, as they are being licked and sucked nonstop. The thing is that all the videos are full HD which makes those close ups of the toes really amazingly clear. That alone got me up, let alone everything else they would be doing. With over one hundred videos updated regularly, there is another thing that is worth mentioning and that is the membership plan, as it comes with some extra perks. Whichever one you choose, you end up with 17 more sites to explore, all at the price of one, which gives you a lot of porn to watch. If you should happen to choose the half year membership plan, you would get six free DVD’s or magazines, to your choosing.

Final Resume

Since there are not so many sites on the web, dedicated to feet, finding one that is full of high quality videos was really a dream come true. All the leg action you want, from solo masturbation to fucking and blowjobs, you have it all, and the feet are always in the center of the frame, no matter the action. At LegAction, you get 17 more regularly updated sites for the price of one, and a lot more perks, and they never fail to deliver.

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