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A contrast or comparison of lust and love could possibly result into one of the greatest controversies of all time. Who loves controversy? Certainly, not many people enjoy controversies especially those which look like they will last forever. Another question therefore arises; can love and lust occur together? If at all the two can occur together, which of the two precedes the other? Well, if you are not sure of the link between love and lust, then you need to log onto lustcinema. Lustcinema is the official website of Lust Cinema, a European production company mainly dealing in adult films. The website was launched in 2012 by the leader of Lust Cinema, Erika Lust. Films covered on this network are very hot and interesting and comprehensively capture couple friendly themes like love, lust, passion and intimacy. The network features a delicate and admirable blend of hardcore sex and erotic sensuality. This is a network that takes hardcore porn to a different and highly advanced level a level that can be enjoyed by couples. Reality is a principle characteristic of the media content on this site; believable story lines and much more emphasis on romance than hardcore fucking as in most other conventional porn media. Real action includes lesbian play, fucking and orals but with intimacy being a prominent feature of every action in the scenes. This network offers numerous content which comprehensively cover the intimacy issues of most couples of the contemporary world. Solid-sized collections with DVDs containing up to eighty nine full length videos featuring. This site does not include photographs though the large number of videos that link intimacy and porn more or less makes up for the lack of pictures perfectly. Navigating through this site has been made extremely easy. One can easily browse and find his media of interest. A viewer has the various browsing options which include browsing by the name of the director, the date which the content was uploaded, the name of the actor or the category in which the media of interest falls.

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Website Layout

All media content on this network features exclusive hardcore films with plenty of intimacy from Lust Cinema. All DVDs and even advertisements made on this network have exclusive content. Download managers are easily compatible and can be used to help download media content from this network just in case one cannot stream directly or wants to keep the video in his or her device for future reference. Channel Max version 10 is the download manager that has been tested and shown to work perfectly on this network. Speed download was the software used in testing compatibility of Channel Max 10 with this network. We all love the internet but we all enjoy fast internet. Websites that are able to update, search and load fastest are usually preferred. Lust Cinema is a site with very good browsing speeds of up to 1.2 megabytes per second. Download managers also work at great speeds on this network. Most downloads are completed at a speed of four megabytes per second. The network uses cable internet with a speed of forty megabytes per second. The videos on this site are made extra classy by the music playing in part of all the DVDs offered on this network. The choice of the music played is usually dependent on the theme of the content in the media. As intimacy is a paramount feature of all the scenes on this network, soft and soothing music is the predominant background music in the videos. The soft music acts to reinforce the atmosphere of romance and intimacy in the videos unlike rough fucking and other naughty SM activities featured in conventional porn. The music in the videos has a substantially low volume which cannot interfere with the viewer’s concentration and comprehension of the video theme. Large flash player can be used for direct streaming from this site. This player can jump ahead immediately and has a five to ten seconds buffer. The player also has smooth playback thus allowing for the viewer to review parts of the scene they liked most or the part that was not comprehended while streaming. The videos for streaming are of excellent quality. Free live camera shows are not featured on this site mainly for the viewer’s convenience. They would be more difficult to stream and might not be downloadable. The network primarily offers DVD porn. The videos on this site also feature hardcore sex and highly intimate and passionate foreplay.

Models and Videos

All videos featuring on this site are in High Definition. The network offers more than one hundred and three full DVD episodes with an average length of one hour thirty minutes. Downloadable MP4 videos with dimensions of one thousand nine hundred and twenty by one thousand and eighty can be viewed at a bit rate of eight thousand (8000k). Videos of flash format with dimensions of nine hundred and twenty by five hundred and sixteen can be streamed directly at an unknown bit rate. Files of MP4 format have a size of up to eight hundred megabytes. The videos are of high quality and have sharp pictures. A vast number of amateur and pro porn stars feature on the site. The stars are of both sexes: male and female. The models are a mix of white and ethnic models. Interracial actions also feature in plenty. Majority of the stars and models are semi-pro in appearance and have average to thin body forms. Almost all stars and models on the site are of European origin.


Lust Cinema offers a huge collection of highly entertaining hardcore porn videos in HD. The unique approach with which Lust Cinema takes hardcore porn make it so interesting and absolutely breathtaking. Intimacy and lots of passion before the real hardcore stuff absolutely mind blowing. This is a site that will keep you glued to it and interested at all times.