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What I love about the Internet nowadays, is that you can find anything and everything that you want, from the worst of the worst, to the best of the best. Usually, it is cramped with some of the worst things out there, but, if you are vehement enough, and keep scrolling through the many pages of the web, you can find some of the web’s best kept secrets, or in other words, a hardcore site named after the pornstar, Manuel Ferrara, a site that promises great sex and orgasms.

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Website Layout

The design of the site speaks for itself, and it is there to prove once again that great content is always to be mixed with a great presentation, in order to make the best out of it. And you can indeed make a lot out of it, simply because this site has quite the simple design, even though it looks modern. The simplicity comes from the user-friendly interface, one that can get you to every bit of the pages that you would want to see. The modern part comes from the sharp corners, the sleek frames, the minimalism of color usage. There are a lot of previews on the site, too, and you can open some of them, in order to get that piece of the action.

There is a giant sliding image, one that changes by itself, presenting to you some of the best scenes from the newest content. With the full videos being reserved for the members, only, a person can join, and get so much more. Optimization is the key word here, and with optimization comes the possibility of opening many pages at once, many videos, too. Without a doubt, the site works great on all the mobile devices, too.

Models & Video Quality

If you like, you can go mobile with this site, and that is great, as it is always nice to masturbate in your own bed, to hardcore videos, no less. With hardcore, you can easily go wrong, but not with Manuel Ferrara. He knows how to treat his ladies, and he knows what to do with them, from the start, to the end. With more than one lady in a video, whether a mature one or one fresh, the pleasure only extends. Manuel Ferrara is also not a selfish person, and he will sometimes be absent from the videos, leaving those spotlights to the other, aspiring male actors, in order to make the action even juicier. Foursomes tend to be rather ravishing, and you can watch many of them here, with anal sex, double penetration, and as much cum as you can take. The ladies love it, both the anal sex, and the cum that comes afterwards.

The quality of the content takes over here, especially if you aim to look at those facials, specifically, where the close-ups are. The high resolution of the content makes it that much more enjoyable. The videos are also updated on a regular basis, so you will get at least one new video, every week. That is not all, as the site gives you access to the other sites in the network, over 7 of them. Their content is indeed different, and their updates are also regular.

Final Resume

Join in, and have some fun, and a lot of orgasms. Hardcore action as never seen before, as that is what Manuel wants. Like I said, Manuel Ferrara is one of the best sites out there, which is easily deduced by the intense hardcore action, and the perks, the other sites in the network, all of the extra content that you can explore and enjoy.

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