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There are times when you just want to hand the reins to someone else. This is good news for the gorgeous and talented ladies at Mean Massage, because they’d be more than happy to oblige and get full control over the situation. In this premium niche porn site, the ladies aren’t just trying to give you a sensual, relaxing massage. Instead, they’ll give rough, intensely pleasurable massages that will keep hard, monstrous cocks desperate to dump their spunk! If you still haven’t gotten the gist of things, Mean Massage is dedicated to femdom massage. Unsuspecting and well-hung dudes go to get massages and get tugged and cock-milked, only to end up being teased and their orgasms ruined. The sight of these feisty Dommes getting what they want and overtaking brawny men will leave you feeling hot and heavy. Soon enough, you’ll find your hands whipping out your throbbing erection and tugging at it until you get the sweet release! Mean Massage has an excellent mix of professional and amateur models who share one common trait: They’re masters in the art of cum control! You can tell from the faces of their unsuspecting victims as they’re tied down to massage tables and will have to bear the brunt of these feisty vixens’ mischievous actions. Once you sign up, you are given instant access to 8 more adult sites (i.e. CumBlastCity, SeeMomSuck, BustyDirect, Over40Handjobs, etc.), all of which carry more fetish entertainment, in HD quality videos and high-res images. Mean Massage promises to provide subscribers with regular updates through more exclusive content, so you’ll always have something to look forward to.

My favorite pay porn site with femdom fetish videos

Website Layout

Once you enter the site, you’ll immediately be drawn to preview videos highlighting some of Mean Massage’s horny chicks happily taking control over their subjects by tugging their rock-hard erections with their hands, tits, and other kinky instruments. The teasers alone will whet your desire to see more hardcore action. But before you can do so, you must sign up and become a member. It’s pretty simple and straightforward, though, and will only take minutes before you can finally continue enjoying hot and steamy femdom massage goodness in full length. The site is barely a year old, though, so you won’t find the need to use advanced search tools yet. From the top of the page, you’ll find a simple menu bar where you can browse through videos and their roster of models, including instant access to bonus sites. This is all too common in many adult sites, so what makes Mean Massage stand out from the rest? Well, it lies in their Scene Requests feature, where you can create your own scenes. That’s right! Why stick with what others think are “great porn” when you can make your own fantasies come true by having them acted out by Mean Massage’s models? This is a rare opportunity that’s given to only a select few, so you better take advantage of it fast! Don’t fret because everything’s done with absolute anonymity and your requests can be done securely with the creation of the scenes. If you’re the type to go straight into action, then Mean Massage will surely deliver. There’s little info displayed on each of the preview videos so you won’t really know what a particular film is all about. All you need to do is to click on the link, and watch right away.
As mentioned earlier, Mean Massage is best enjoyed when you become a premium member. This is because you’ll have full access to other bonus sites with plenty more tugging and handjob goodness going around. Some of the sites had upload gaps in the past, but the whole network is now running smoothly. Again, Mean Massage tries to add more exclusive HD content on a weekly basis so it’s still a continuously expanding site with more to offer to their loyal fans in the months to come. The site may have been launched only a year ago, but the rate of its growth is simply overwhelming!

Models & Video Quality

It’s impossible to ignore the ladies at Mean Massage, simply because they’re the main meals. Every film highlights a stunningly gorgeous chick going topless and man-handling her client near orgasm, until she finally lets him release his load in a messy cumshot. There are all sorts of models for you to choose from – Latina, Brit, Canadian, American, Asian, Ebony… You name it! There are blossoming dudettes who are clearly experienced in cock-milking, as well as cum-starved MILF dominatrix ready to get dumped by loads of jizz on their face and tits. Mean Massage makes sure that whatever your preference, there’s something in store for you in their site. Take for example the sexy and horny Amber Sky who’s wet with desire as she pins down her client on a table and ties his dick and balls before letting him cum. How about the sly and seductive Charlee Chase whose years of experience in femdom massage porn has made her one of the Dommes to look forward to in this niche? You can easily find your favorite model(s) alphabetically by clicking on the letter, and then the name of the model. The average length of the videos is 15 minutes, and nothing less. Each video features the upload date, as well as the rating (5 stars being the highest). You can choose to download or stream the videos via your PC, smartphone, tablet, TV, or even on your PlayStation 3. That’s right, Mean Massage is optimized for mobile browsing so you won’t have any problems with your porn-viewing experience. You can enjoy unlimited downloads in HD – in glorious 1080p to be more precise.

Final Resume

Stressed out from a hard day’s work? The only thing better than a relaxing massage is an immensely pleasurable hand and tit job performed by talented, busty, and horny gals! You don’t even have to go to a nearby spa to shake away all the stress because you’ll have everything you need to make your cock happy here at Mean Massage. The rubdowns and cock-milking aren’t nearly as relaxing as they are intensely pleasurable, but these stunning Dommes will have you begging for a quick release as they tease and squeeze monstrous erections. There’s plenty of femdom goodness all over the place, and they’re taking over well-hung dudes who don’t know what’s coming for them. They’re jerked, tugged, and milked in the wildest ways possible, leaving them feeling as though they’ve had a, well, mean massage! It goes without saying that Mean Massage is a premium femdom massage porn site worth your while – and your money. It even comes with 8 bonus sites filled with luscious handjob scenes that’ll have you shaking your schlong for hours on end. Go ahead, take a look at what’s in store for you and sign up with them today!

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