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Hey guys! So, what do you guys think about public sex? Isn’t it the most exciting thing there is? Like, you get to feel the thrill of having sex, with the chance that you might get caught, but the sex is still so good, it’s driving you to the point of climax! That’s so good! It’s doubly good if the girls that you’re fucking are some of the hottest, sexiest girls out there, with well-formed breasts that you would never get tire of fondling, and the tightest pussies out there with the cutest faces on earth.

Now, let’s take the public part higher, literally and sensually, and let’s go get public sex on the mountains! Getting orgies and public sex in the mountains, oh, you’re just a leap to heaven with that setting! And let me tell you that there’s a site which lets you see all of that! Introducing, MountainFuckfest! All of the things that were mentioned? They’re all in there! Are you ready for the ultimate fun? Go to MountainFuckfest!

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Website Layout

First off, let’s all just establish that a site like that will be too good to be true if it was free, so expect some charges. Still, the charges are gonna be so payable and so worth it because of the stuff and benefits that you can get when you join the site. The site is governed by the one mega-key of porn, ExtremeMoviePass, you know, that one network that governs around 80 porn sites of different niches? Yeah, you’re gonna get that pass right there when you enroll yourself to this site here, MountainFuckfest.

And the network’s not even the best part. The site itself is the best thing to ever exist, the perfect combination of public mountain bangs and the hottest girls out there, be they naked or in some kind of costume. Before we get to the good parts of the site, let’s take this step by step. There’s this page that confirms your entry to the site, whether you want it or not. The exit button goes straight back to the Google search page, while the Enter button, which is what you really want in the rather plain but green (literally) page, will lead you into a world of mountain bangs. You’re then presented with a banner that’s like a welcome sign to you, where you’re greeted by hot chicks and big dicks entering those chicks’ pussies. To be greeted by those pink, fresh pussies creamed with white, what a dream.

The color theme of green also matches the mountain theme and it just shows how “green” the site really is. The home page is filled, but neatly, with pics and links that leads you to the videos, the ones that we came to see. There are sections of the home page that show you those pictures and links to the videos, and they are presented neatly, with each section having three pics along with the link that allows you to join the site if you still haven’t joined in the action or to be able to watch the videos. Some more of these features include a button that shows the Privacy Policy as well as a help section where you can ask for help in regards to anything about the site.

Models & Video Quality

Those really hot, really gorgeous, really curvy or busty chicks are out there on the mountains, either being in mountain pubs, or cabins, or just outside, serving beer up to the tired customers that need some rest, and oftentimes, extra service. All of these hot girls get banged up in public, either inside a pub restroom, or something like a pub orgy sometimes get in order. Sometimes, they go inside a cozy cabin and do all the hot stuff and penetrations to counteract the cold winds that penetrate through their skins, but then realize that the hot stuff is simply too good, they just do it for the pleasure. Other times, they just have the sex outside, with all the wild animals witnessing the even wilder bangs with no fucks given coming from the animals that are at the top of the animal kingdom.

All of these, are caught on cam. There are around 80-90 videos that are currently present in the site. You can see all of those hot girls get dressed in all those costumes and everything as well. Lederhosens, wench outfits, name a dress that’s for a mountain pub, and those girls got it. Hell, they get naked for all its worth. All of these videos feature all kinds of fucking; there are fucks between lesbian couples, there are also some gangbangs, and some orgies of the sort.

In regards to the quality and some features of the videos, you’re gonna find out that all of the videos can either be streamed or downloaded. The stream looks a bit better than the downloads, however it doesn’t mean that the downloaded videos look bad. All of the videos, whether streamed or downloaded feature good sound and good image. It’s presented in only one quality, but hey, how is that a negative when the image and sound for this particular quality is good? The videos are also updated with alternating scenes, so you’ll never get bored of them.

There are also photos that you can download. In fact, they come in photosets. The downside for this is that there are no ZIP files that you can download, but all of the photos are actually free for you to download, granting that you can get inside to see all of those photos presented. The images come in medium and large sizes that you can click on so that you can see like a link for a better quality photo, which you will download. They are all presented in a decent size, 1200×800, and they’re all pretty good in quality, really showing you the good side of the site.

Final Resume

A good site with a lot of good looking girls that are ready for a good public, mountain fuck, with a good network that gives you a lot of other good sites. That’s what this site is all about, and you’re gonna have a good time once you become a member.

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