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There are usually two kinds of view in the porn videos. The first is the original, professional kind, where a third person handles the camera while the actors (or amateur couples) do the nasty. The other one is the mother of the gonzo porn, and it’s called PoV style, where the guy handles the camera who is in the middle of the action, and everything is captured from his point of view. This kind of video capturing is a major attribute of the real amateur porn, and most of the videos of this main niche are captured in PoV style, or the camera is placed at fix point. On MyPoVGF you can find a big collection of amateur porn movies, each captured in PoV style. When you start watching the scenes you may get a feeling that this is the real deal, when the guys hand shake when he cums, the girls looking up while they give a blowjob, or looking down on the guy while they ride him. All these notions together are giving an exciting experience, and you it’s just really sure that you will enjoy these videos. This site is another girlfriend-themed site of the AMALand network. There are three ways to access the videos of MyPoVGF: you can register on the site itself, you may join the network on the AMALand’s flagship site and there is a sub-network, called TheGFNetwork that also allows you to browse this site. The easiest and most evident thing should be to join the site itself. If you decide to register, you will be surprised when you find out that you also receive an outstanding bonus with your pass to the MyPoVGF. The membership will provide you with an unrestricted access to a nearly unlimited collection of hardcore porn movies. After registering you can see this for yourself too, because you will notice, that you are granted a pass to all sites within the AMALand network, and that alone is a big thing, since you can browse more than 20,000 videos, featuring stunning amateur cuties doing exciting things with their boyfriend (or girlfriend). If that’s not enough to convince you, than you should consider this: the network also provides third party feeds and you can browse a huge DVD library of hardcore porn made by professionals, featuring pornstars and real hardcore sex. As a bonus, you also have a chance to join live chat rooms with hot girls from all around the world.

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Design & Features

The MyPoVGF will look familiar to you, if you have already have the chance to stumble upon some AMALand sites, because most the network members are using the same design and layout for their tour page. When you land on this site the first thing you will notice, that it’s very simple. There is heading-like something, and you can also find two menu options (join or login). The rest of the page is the list of the videos, represented by medium-sized thumbnails. If these thumbnails are representing the actual quality of the videos that they are linking to, than it’s sure that you agree too, that this might be a really good collection. The main hub of the AMALand network is where you land if you register on this site, only you will see that the heading is of the MyPoVGF, and the listed videos are the ones that are published through this site. If you are looking for something particular, you can use the search engine to scan through the database, and you can also choose from some categories and you may pick the media type (video or picture). The access that you get with the membership is unrestricted and you can watch, or download the scenes anytime and anywhere you want. Found a video that you really like? Add it to your favorites and watch it anytime and just as many times you want; or you can download it too. The online viewing is a good option, the stream is fast, and the embedded player works really well. The videos are available for downloading too, and they are DRM-free, so you can keep them and enjoy anytime later too. MyPoVGF offers you a good collection of pictures too. Most of these pictures are screen captions from the videos, but you can also find unique photo sets among them.

Girls & Videos

The models of the videos are not actual models; they’re ‘just’ eager amateur cuties, who let their boyfriends to capture the whole thing. These girls are really cute, and they are that ‘girl next door’ types that makes a man really hard when he watch them get naked and then pounded hard and well. Most of the cuties in the videos are good-looking naturals who enjoy what they do, and while they are at it, they moan and scream like there is no tomorrow to enjoy it more. The chicks in these videos are varied not just in the aspect of their bodies, but in their ethnicities too; you can find here many Caucasians, but Blacks, Latinas, Asians and even Indians and some other ethnicities represent themselves. There are more than 1000 videos on the site, each captured in PoV style. Since its amateur porn the sex you can see won’t be so hard like that the professionals do, but it’s very exciting, and it will satisfy your lust for juicy sex. You will notice that he videos are not scripted, since some of them are just ‘in medias res’, the film rolls and action is on without any kind of introduction.