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The fantasy-driven videos of the Naughty Athletics are going to make you hard and horny, especially if you are into sporty women. Each scene has a sport-gimmick in it, but the major attraction naturally is the great sex and the beauty of these girls. As the site’s name states it quite clearly (at least most porn fans get the idea) the Naughty Athletics is a series of the ever-famous porn studio and network, the Naughty America. This is also a guarantee for great variety, excellent quality… and ensures a huge pile of bonuses too.

The Naughty Athletics on itself launched in 2007, so it’s a quite long-running series of the studio. It has a sustainable, but a bit slow update schedule: a new videos is added every month. If you do the math, you might expect here about 84-85 videos. However, you get twice the amount (there were probably more than one scene added on some occasions earlier). Today, the site offers over 160 scenes, each covering this fantasy and featuring hardcore sex. The quality is pretty high, because not just HD and Full-HD but some 4K HD scenes also happen to be found here. Also the scenes of this series are all-exclusive, they are not available outside the network. All members of the NaughtyAthletics are gaining access to the major network of the studio. Y

ou can view the content of 29 other series shot by the folks behind these videos. Apart from the great porn collection, you can also enjoy the newest technological developments: Virtual Reality porn videos and a Roku channel are also included, so you will have a lot to browse.

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Website Layout

The Naughty America usually runs series. That’s the main reason why the Naughty Athletics doesn’t have a standalone page. If you search for the site, you will land on the tour page of the flagship site, with this series’ videos listed in the middle. There is one bit of trailer which might provide you some insight on the content. In tour mode, you can browse all videos listed, back the very first.

In the members’ zone you might get a naughty feeling of being spoiled. The site where you land after joining is the main hub of the network. Naturally, the Naughty Athletics scenes are shown first. Since it’s a fantasy-driven network, it’s necessary to have good navigation tools. The videos are all tagged: who fucks with who, where, what are the roles, and what niches a video cover. There is a neat tool, the Porn Finder where you can search really specifically selecting from the different aspects of the video. You will find it that downloading the scenes isn’t always necessary.

Depending on the basic quality, even the streamed videos can go up to 1080p so it’s a really good option too. Saving however is another thing: since there are 4K videos, you should save those, while the rest (the 720p and 1080p ones) are quite good to view online too. Galleries of video captions are also provided (even as zip files), and the collection is easily viewable on tablets and smart phones.

Models & Video Quality

Don’t fall for the trick, you won’t see in these videos world class athletics in home-made porn videos or whatever you were hope to find. The Naughty Athletics is a fantasy-porn site from the biggest fantasy-porn masters of the Naughty America, and as you might have already depicted, these are professional scenes of professionals… no, not athletes, rather porn stars. All the chicks you will see in these videos are amazingly hot, and they are the best girls of the Naughty America. They are professional porn actresses with gorgeous and fit bodies, and tight pussies which are going to be banged hard and deep. There are some hot natural girls in these videos, though in most cases – as you might also notice – some big fake boobs are also appear. The models are usually Caucasians, and you will see that apart from Latinas, other ethnicities are not present.

Thought ethnic variety isn’t a thing here, the girls are not all the same, and you will see that they are different; also they are very hot chicks. Since the models are all professionals, you will see really good quality sex in the videos, but their screams, moans and appearance are also professionally done, though some of them tend to overplay a bit. So, it is fantasy-porn, which means that all videos have a gimmick, which makes them fit into that particular fantasy type. In this case it’s a sporty fantasy.

The videos are staged and scripted, and they are start usually the same way: the girls are doing something sporty, like gymnastics, yoga or just working-out, then the guy came in. The guys are either partners in sport, or they are the coach. In some cases, they are strangers who were peeking in the window. When the guys appear, the actual porn video starts: the girls get their clothes off – or torn apart, and they are going to be drilled by very large cocks. By very large, we actually mean large ones, these are monstrous dicks and the guys are not soft on the girls. Since it is mainstream porn, there isn’t anything too heavy in the sex, though some anal penetration and deepthroat may happen. Probably the heaviest element in the videos is the overall setup, and the fact that in many cases it is also CFNM porn, which gives the whole thing a bit fetishist approach. Though the sex is plain hardcore, the different models, the varied scenarios make the videos interesting and really juicy.

Final Resume

Naturally, a site like this has quite a good audience. Not just for the fantasy it covers, but on account of the greatly varied porn it provides… even if you are looking for some hot, acrobatic sex-positions, you should check these scenes; you might get the right idea from them. The site is updating and series is still viral. We don’t often say that, but it’s a highly recommended site, and it was that even if it would be a standalone one; but of course the full network access is a great positive.

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