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The words ‘nerd’ and ‘pervert’ do not always go hand in hand. This is because nerds are always associated with scientific experiments and all sorts of amazing inventions. For them, any hope of having a full and exciting sex life is always ruled out as many chicks are known to dig guys who fall under the ‘bad boy’ category. However, in a world where labels do not mean anything, Paul, a nerd, who is also a pervert goes to show that sexual escapades are for everyone to enjoy. Through the adult site, NerdPervert, he takes you on an exciting journey that surpasses all that you have ever experienced in your personal life. He invites you to join him on a quest that is all about finding hot, vulnerable pussy and truly enjoying it. He goes through a journey of a thousand miles to ensure that he finds himself and discovers why the world revolves around unique sexual experiences.

NerdPervert brings you entertainment in its fullest. As soon as you catch a glimpse of what is in store for you, you will be begging to sign up for membership on this very platform. There is nothing better than a sexual encounter that leaves you glued to the screen and the adult site has many such moments. You will be able to see past Paul’s bad haircut and unappealing glasses because at the end of the day, he gets the girls, something that most perverts do not know how to do. The situations that take place on this site are most definitely out of this world. It is obvious that they are too good to be true.

The fact that the dude passes himself off as a porn producer and convinces the women that he can turn them into big stars overnight. This creates the perfect scenario for the most amazing sexual encounters to take place. The action is hot, spicy and full of lust especially because there aren’t any real feelings involved here. Paul travels with his sexy cameraman who also takes part in some of the sexual ventures together with him. They prove that the best sexual encounters do not need to be scripted or the feature professional porn stars. Instead, it only needs to have the right concept and with the right attitude, those interested in the porn offered here could turn it into our favorite pornstars in the shortest time.

NerdPervert offers amazing action but it feels the need to reward all of its loyal members with same bonus content. As this site is part of the MyAllAccessPassNetwork, you will be able to enjoy the content that is featured on 29 other sites. The bonus scenes feature boob play and a lot of cum action. You will not be able to experience any dull moments here. NerdPervert offers a fresh content that has not been overused by other adult sites. This is not your mama’s porn, the action is all that you have ever hoped for. Let’s find out more about this cum-filled platform. 

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Website Layout

Once you get to the members area of the site, you will be able to appreciate all the efforts that the site has put forth into ensuring that you get the design experience that you deserve. The first thing that you will see is a welcome text and a picture of Paul holding a camera, there, you will know that you will thoroughly enjoy this collection. There is a search unique that will make the process of finding the flicks very easy.

The collection is of average size and you will not find it difficult to maneuver. The scenes are tagged by write-ups and a description that let you know what they are all about. The flicks can be downloaded or streamed in a flash embedded player. There are a lot of videos to keep you busy for some time. The flicks to the bonus content also come in handy. The videos come with four quality settings to ensure that you enjoy them in the level of clarity that you are most comfortable with.

Models & Video Quality

The amateur models on NerdPervert are excited to get the opportunity to be on set and pleasure themselves. For some reason, the thought of getting down with a porn director is not one that they can easily surpass. Their main agenda is to get satisfaction and they rightfully do. The sexual encounters take place in diverse places but the models seem to be more comfortable in the household. They have the main agenda of been taken to cloud nine and Paul comfortably does so. You will be able to enjoy Alisha, Chantelle Coleman, Lacy Lee and Tatiana among many others. All of the amateur models who get naughty with Paul are truly brave and fell the need to explore his body. They suck his cock, give him a hand job, rub his balls and lick him in places that your tongue would not otherwise go to.

Sophie Garcia is a MILF who has a sexual encounter with Paul and shows him that she may be old but her skills in bed are not rusty. She is not afraid to show her saggy boobs on camera and as Paul strips down, her nipple gets hard. Sophie then takes on the hard cock by a fellatio. Her mouth firmly holds Paul’s member while her tongue played around with its tip. MILF or not, Paul was on the brink of paradise.

You will also meet Tatiana and her friend who are busty chicks that do not really need Paul in order to get pleasure. They enjoy a lesbian encounter in ways more than one. They suck each other’s boobs, finger fuck and eat each other’s pussy to a cum. You will thoroughly enjoy yourself in their company. Of course, you will get to pick up skills that are useful in bed.

Final Resume

Paul brings a lot of fun moments to the site. He is a nerd pervert that is different from the rest. Apart from enjoying his shenanigans, you will delight in the clarity, smooth navigation, and effortless content provision that this site equally boasts of.

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