Great paid pornsite that promises 100% real footages of women captured by spy cams while pissing.


Pisshunt is large site with a collection of spy cam footage capturing beautiful women around Europe using the restroom. Just by watching the videos, you will notice the footage is actually real because the women are apparently not aware that they are being filmed. Aside from that, there are other categories which feature pissing videos and photos which are staged. The videos are updated on a daily basis and there are also bonus sites. If you are a piss hunter, it is good site to find peeing and bathroom voyeur videos.

Design and Features

Taking a tour on the site, the landing page will come with promises that the content is 100% real. The site will claim to only capture real women in actual public places. They even claim to procure some of their content unethically with cams being planted in alleys, gyms, clubs and public toilets. However, they don’t mention any promises about the quality of the content they provide. You will be greeted by sample photos and thumbnails of the various kinds of pissing or voyeur videos they offer. Piss hunt cams are centered on Europe, capturing mostly European hotties. You will be able to see all kinds of real amateur girls lowering their pants and taking a piss. The videos are available for download and streaming. They are of high quality with a resolution of 960×540. The videos are in WMV format with a bit rate of 10.55 mbits/s. The galleries are also of high quality with 1200×800 in resolution. The images are rather miniature in size, but the photography skills are good.

Girls and Videos

There are two varieties of content for both videos and photos. They are divided into Spycam and HD. In other words, there are Spycam videos and HD videos; and there are also Spycam photos and HD photos. You probably signed up to the site for the Spycam stuff. All content from the Spycam category is captured by hidden cams in various public and private restrooms. The site even goes to the extent of having cameras inside the toilet bowls. You should therefore expect very raw and real videos of ladies in peeing action. Obviously, the women will appear not to be aware of being recorded while their pussies are being exposed to the rest of the world to see. Of course the world is the members of Piss Hunt. There is clearly a difference between how men and women pee. For men, urinating outdoors isn’t that much complicated. You only pull out your dick and get it done then tuck it back. For women, as seen in this site, it is quite an experience. You will see them struggle to search for an isolated area first, look around then pull down their panties or stockings before getting into action. They will still be constantly watching out for perverts and animals that may be prowling about. However, they don’t expect that there are people viewing them online on Piss Hunters. The Spycam content is available for download with good quality. They are in WMV formats and really look clear for Spycam footage. The photo galleries are large and are available in zip files. The HD section also has all the videos based in Europe. The videos are staged, but they appear to be real.


Piss hunt is a site for the porn lovers, who would like to secretly watch beautiful ladies having their washroom moments. This of course does not have to happen in the toilet, as the videos are captured outdoors as well. The site targets your voyeur instincts and will certainly satisfy your thirst for peeing fetish videos.