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We always enjoy watching porn shot in public places here at the office. I guess it’s just the usual guys being guys sort of thing. Men just love thrill and action. This is even the reason why we love action films! Think about it, when a movie is full of suspense and action, it is usually regarded as a guy’s film, right? Meanwhile, if it’s all sappy and sentimental, it’s a chick flick. There is no intention to discriminate and stereotype here, I’m just stating a general assumption made by people. In any case, this is the magic behind public sex. It is definitely full of action and thrill. It is practically an all-in-one movie.

First, there is the sex, of course, the very reason why you are watching the video in the first place. Second, you have that extra kick of adrenaline coming from the thrill that they might get caught. Third, there’s the action because the act needs to be daring enough as it is done in public. There is no time to dilly-dally. It must be done hard and fast. Plus, the setting is pretty precarious. Finally, there are some videos that can turn awkward audiences into a hint of comedy. Of course, when they get caught by passersby, there will be this awkward shock – which is totally hilarious every single time. These are the reasons why public sex in the porn industry is terribly in demand right now – which is even better for us because it boosts the chances of us catching people fucking in broad daylight! It is a bit challenging, though, to find a good porn site that deals with public sex. Hence, we have done the work for you.

We have found you an awesome public sex porn site perfect for your public porn needs. It is called PublicInvasion. It operates within the theme of the fun Euro Trip. If you have seen the movie of the same title then you definitely know what we are talking about, you have probably gone on a European sexcapade on your own but you have seen nothing like the scenes that you are going to see in Public Invasion. Remember the different characteristics of good public porn that we have mentioned above? Thrilling. Action-packed. Full of suspense. And sometimes, with a hint of comedy. You are going to find all these things and more right here on PublicInvasion.

So, if you are ready to enjoy your public sex videos, then you can start by signing up for membership in order to access them. You can do this by clicking on the sign-up link. After that, a separate page will open and you will be required to fill up a short sign-up form. Don’t worry, it is just basic information needed from you and should not take more than a couple of minutes. Part of the form is choosing your membership option. You will see that there are three choices: a one-day trial, a one month offer, and a full twelve-month access. It will be up to you on how long you would want your membership to be.

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Website Layout

Our immediate reaction with the porn site is that it is very visually engaging and straightforward. Even from just the very first thumbnail (which shows a big-boobed black lady giving a blowjob in what looks like a dirt road), you already know what you are going to expect from PublicInvasion, nothing more and nothing less. In fact, the entire website layout is done in a way where the space of the site was strategically maximized. You are not going to see any big banners or flashy advertisements. You are not even going to see a big welcome header which most of the porn sites do. No. The header that you are going to see is just a slim gray panel containing the logo and name of the site.

After that, the rest are all just thumbnails showing you a glimpse of their collection of videos. These thumbnails are also aptly sized for you to see the high-definition quality of their videos, as well as what is going on in the scene. The information that you are going to see in the thumbnails are the title, the length of the video (or time), the number of views that the video already received, and finally, it’s five-star rating.

Models & Video Quality

The porn site PublicInvasion, from what we understand also because of the tagline “original sex tapes of my European slut-fucking adventures”, seems to follow the adventures of a guy (actually there is more than one dude based on what we have seen in the thumbnails), who fucks women in Europe publicly! Now, this dude has excellent taste when it comes to women. He picks every type of woman and aesthetic so expect to enjoy a variety of chicks here.

We are seeing a pattern, though, it seems like the girls that he picks are all bubbly boobed and assed. I mean seriously, there are some really big boobs here – some of the biggest natural boobs that we have seen on the internet! We also like how this man maximizes up the thrill. You are going to see a lot of serious fucking in some of the most awkward places: at the back of buildings, inside a gym, and more really public places – those where you know you are just going to see some people randomly walk by anytime.

Final Resume

If you really enjoy public sex then we are a hundred percent sure that you are going to enjoy PublicInvasion. It is simply public sex at its finest. Plus, it has perfectly incorporated that element of fun that we are talking about. After all, that is the main reason why we are even fucking in the first place, right? To have fun. That is the objective of every Euro trip – sex and fun. And if you cannot do it on your own then there’s no need to worry about it because these guys are here to help.

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