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As the name shows, the Puffy Network is not a standalone site. It’s the center of a family of four sites, which cover various niches, though one thing is certain: these are kinky fetishist sites, which mostly focus on sex toys and other kinds of self-fucking. You can enjoy here a big compilation of videos and photos, which feature probably the cutest European chicks you can find online. The movies of the PuffyNetwork’s sites are unique, and this is 100% sure; there is not a slight chance of finding them on other paysites. Right now, the Puffy Network grants you access to more than 1120 videos through the four network sites; the scenes feature 586 different beauties.

Though the site is only two years old, as you can see it has built up a huge compilation. The main reason behind it hides in the fact that the sites are updated almost every day, usually 3-4 updates happen each week.

One of the best porn networks to enjoy some awesome blowjob porn flicks. The Puffy Network may be a bit kinky for some people’s taste, but if you enjoy watching videos that feature fresh girls, wet pussies in softcore and hardcore situations, this site is recommended. As you will see there are regular updates, and as time passes the video quality increases. There are four sites in the network, and every site that you can access with the Puffy Network membership covers different niches.

The Wet And Puffy is a site that features solo scenes, and it’s also a kind of pussy-fetish site – the girls masturbate and play with themselves. We Like To Suck is one of the two sites that feature male-female interactions; this focuses on blowjobs, and believe it or not, it’s also considered as a fetish. Another heavy site within the network is the Euro Babe Facials, which grants you access to a collection of blowjobs videos, which end with cum-covered faces.

The nastiest site is the Wet And Pissy, which offers videos that feature girls who like to show off their piss. Apart from the nasty compilation of the network, you can find some other stuff in there too, like third party videos, pictures and live cams.

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Website Layout

The design of the home page of this network is good, and though there are really nasty things taking place in the videos the site is friendly, not shady. As for the layout, you will have to get used to it, because in case you finish the tour and decide to join, in the members’ zone the same layout will welcome you. As the main navigation tool is the menu, that’s the first thing you can see after you log in.

Next to it, they built in a search field, which can scan through the tags and probably the descriptions. Another option to narrow the list of the videos is to browse the models’ database. Streaming and saving, these are your two options when you try to play a video. The in-browser viewing requires to lower your expectations, because the stream’s quality is usually SD; however the playback is smooth, and you can jump forward any time. Saving the videos will provide you with the best quality, since downloadable files (MP4 and WMVs mostly) offer normal 720p, or even 1080p definitions. Even the latest videos of the network are shot in Ultra-HD resolution. Picture sets are available, they accompany the videos, and all of them are viewable online or downloadable as an archived file.

Models & Video Quality

Though these chicks are hot and fresh, they perform things that usually the older, not-so-popular pornstars do. The fetishist videos of the Puffy Network are dirty, but the girls in them are quite glamorous pieces. Every model you can watch doing the nasty is a European. In case you are familiar with the big networks which focus on under-twenty Euro-chicks, you will probably recognize some of the girls. This isn’t a bad thing however, since the site doesn’t claim to offer amateur porn, and this way the quality is guaranteed. The girls represent the highest standards when it comes to beauty. They are naturals, they are fresh… damn, and they are real fuck-dolls!

Throughout history, Russia was always considered as a bad place, but her girls are quite amazing, and they love to do porn. You won’t really understand a word from the videos, but you won’t even listen when these girls start to get naked. In fact, their natural appearance is the best thing about them. Medium and large breasts can be found, though in most cases, the girls have playful perky tits. As for their ass… well, just take a look at them; it’s high time to open the site.

Describing the videos is easier if we go through them site by site. But they have some things in common: these movies are all studio made, they are mostly staged, though not strictly scripted. Most of them are captured in studio-like environment, and no outdoor scenes seem to be shot. Now, let’s take a look at these sites. The Wet And Puffy claims to be a ‘pussy classification’ site. This means that it’s fit for those who have a thing for sweet pink pussy. The girls here are showing off their nice clits for the camera, and they play with it a lot. This site has solo videos for you, with lots of pussy show-off. On the We Like To Suck you can enjoy a compilation of blowjob videos. It’s a cock-fetish site, the girls are worshipping those hard cocks with their mouth. Prepare for some gagging and deepthroat too. One of the nastiest sites in the network is the Wet And Pissy. Here the girls play with themselves, and when they have to, they pee… and then play with it. There are only solo scenes here. For actual hardcore sex, and messy facials, you should pay attention to the updates of the Eure Babes Facial, where every girl get nailed and covered with cum.

Final Resume

Since the site started to add Ultra-HD videos to the collection, it’s quite certain that the folks behind it are playing to be in the business for a long time. When it comes to piss and wet pussies, the Puffy Network is probably the best choice you could make, because you get four sites for the price of one.

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