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Hello there chaps! I hope you are having a good type browsing the internet, streaming your favourite porn niches and sexual fetishes being done on camera. I know fascinating at times how adult film producers manage to create such skilful and tasteful porn movies based on different porn genres. However, what is more challenging, are those that involve repeatedly shooting porn videos that are rather focused only on one single type of porn genre.

The challenge there is how you would make it engaging to the viewers without appearing like a one trick pony. And what is more difficult is to think of different scenarios that would spice up that particular porn fetish without being redundant. Speaking of spicing up a very challenging porn fetish, our subject of today’s porn site review perfectly fits this dilemma that I have brought before you for its adult video contents are rather focused on one singular theme and in one particular sex act over and over again. So in order for you, my fellow porn enthusiast, to get a better understanding of what I am talking about let me go ahead and start the porn site review by introducing to you the name of the porn site itself.

Ladies and gentlemen, my fellow porn lovers I proudly introduce to you the very subject of our porn site review today, PureSmothering, just like what its name suggest this porn site focuses on one theme and one porn fetish only: face smothering porn action. If you are not aware of this porn fetish, let me give you a brief introduction on how it is being done. Well for starters smothering is a sexual act where the dom (usually female) sits on the face of their submissive while having themselves being pleasured orally. This type of porn niche and sexual fetish is usually seen on porn sites that feature BDSM adult video content’s library, but this time, in this porn site of course they have created a singular place where all ass worshippers, femdom fans, facesitters, and downright smothering lovers can enjoy exclusive pure smothering contents all day.

Furthermore, this porn site is part of one of the largest porn network in the adult film industry called Fetish Network, this porn network is quite impressive in their prowess in developing porn sites within the World Wide Web that especially focus on particular porn niches and fetishes as well as their other derivative porn genres by combining different fetishes in one porn site. With that information in mind, we can safely deduce that every adult video content in this porn site is well conceptualised and shot in the highest degree of quality.

My favorite pay adult site for BDSM 3some scenes

Website Layout

Speaking of adult video contents let us go ahead and explore the other elements that comprise this unique porn site. Just by the looks of the porn site itself, you will already have an idea on what is going on in this porn site, I mean every single detail on the site tells you a brief story of what sort of adult contents that you may expect from it.

Well for starters, once you have successfully located the link of this porn site you will already be directed to the porn site’s landing page or user platform where you are going to be greeted by a welcome banner containing different gorgeous vixens sitting on the face of their sex partners and smothering the in different position that is humanly possible, the name and icon of the porn site itself, as well as its URL. Just looking at the welcome banner of this premium porn site you will already have a good insight that this adult themed site is seriously devoted to showing off exclusive and one hundred percent smothering adult video contents. Now as you scroll down from the welcome banner you will notice that several banner like portions containing a collage of HD images of different scenes in their featured adult smothering videos together with their respective titles and short description which in my opinion was written in a manner so tasteful that you would want to go ahead and watch it, and a link where you can already have short frees sampling of what that video is all about.

If you have the balls and, of course, the desire to actually peak on the free trailer of your chosen porn video you will get to see a flash player showing you a brief overview of what the plot of the sex video is all about. Aside from that, after browsing through the different featured porn videos of the network you get to see below it a portion that shows other porn sites under the Fetish Network and on how you get an instant access to all more than forty porn sites by becoming a member of this porn site alone.

Models & Video Quality

The girls in these are all busty and certified professional adult video models, to be frank, most of the adult video models that you will get to see on this porn site are some of the most familiar faces in the entire adult film industry. Most of the beautiful models here have already starred in numerous adult film productions in the past and are continuing in doing so through the help of the fetish Network. All of them are exquisite and have imprinted their name in the pedestal of the porn industry.

The quality of the videos found on this porn site is just as what you would expect from the prestige that comes with the popularity of every single adult video models on the porn site. Every single adult video content of this porn site is well lit and are all conceptualised to ensure that we get one hundred percent stellar adult entertainment viewing experience.

Final Resume

That’s about it for today’s porn site review I hope you enjoy this porn site as much as I do here. By the way, if you are wondering what sort of membership options that they have, here is the list of the options that you can choose from: three months all access, one month, 2 days free trial, and twelve months all access.

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