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Two-three years ago, we were amazed about 1080p porn, and we were blown away when the 4K Ultra-HD resolution made its way to the porn business, and to our homes. Nowadays, however, what seemed to be a crazy dream of some mad science-fiction movies is reality: Virtual Reality exists, and it actually works. The RealityLovers is one of those sites which grow like a mushroom, and offer the horny viewers reality porn videos, covering all the neat hardcore niches and dirty fantasies we like!

The RealityLovers is a standalone porn site, and all attention of the company behind it is focused on it: so, it gets the good content all the time, and the porn quality is good every time. We must say, the RealityLovers is a quick-shooting site, as it has weekly updates, so you are going to enjoy a lot of great content coming regularly. When we visited the RealityLovers for review, we’ve found over 45 hardcore videos, and they keep on adding the new ones, so you might find even more when you get there!

Fortunately, this porn site is taking others’ work: the videos are all exclusive, and they are shot in-house, so there are no third parties involved. The guy with the big cock and the camera shoot the action, and the people running the site add it to the collection. In case you are a fan of VR porn already (you can easily develop an attachment to this kind of action, especially if you have the right gear), you won’t really mind that there are no additional bonuses, rather than a blog of the site owners.

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Website Layout

As most modern porn sites, the RealityLovers also uses a HTML5 website build, which is compatible with every type of browser, including mobile too. The color theme is the nowadays standard white and red, and the design is also regular. Actually, we prefer the sites this way, because the unique design is hard to make, and it may be faulty, while a good template can make everything possible.

With regards to the tour page of the RealityLovers, you have some good options: you can browse through the whole collection, and if you want, you can preview the videos. These previews don’t reflect the actual quality (they are streamed clips), but you can use some VR features, like “looking closer” at the girl or look around in the room (though only in 180 degrees). Even though they are not perfect in quality, the preview videos are enough to hook you up.

After you make your account, you will have to log in. Fortunately, the inner section has the same theme and layout. Navigation is simple: the main menu is the major tool, but every video has a selection of niche tags, so if you have something specific in mind, you can list the videos that cover it by clicking on the tag. Apart from this category tool, nothing else is offered to make browsing easier. At this time, it’s not an issue, really, however, if the site grows bigger a search engine would be good.

The videos are usually quite long – they go on for over twenty minutes – so their size is really big. Since VR requires very high resolution, the file sizes are tremendous, and we advise you to do this: preview the videos in your browser and download only those which you really feel you like. Otherwise, you might end up with a lot of videos you won’t watch again because you don’t like the girl, or it doesn’t have the niches you like. The scenes come in the virtual reality video format, their basic resolution is 1620p. They are compatible with every popular device, including the Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift. The videos’ information page feature the update time, the length, and the features like directional sound, a line of sight, etc., so you can learn everything prior downloading. The videos come with a set of pictures.

Models & Video Quality

The RealityLovers will prove to be a fine addition to your VR porn site collection if you seek European VR porn. If you know your porn well, you will notice some of these hotties, especially if you are a fan of hardcore European porn. We did or research, and found that almost every girl is Czech, though several girls from other EU countries are listed too. They are mostly natural hotties, who have perfectly shaped bodies, and an amazingly attracting look overall.

In the VR porn videos of the RealityLovers, you can watch three major action categories: solo sex, lesbian sex, straight sex. The details are always different, and they range from solo masturbation for your entertainment to hardcore pool-side threesomes. It’s fortunate they have category filtering options because you can easily find the kinky stuff: there are videos with anal sex, lesbian love, girl-orgasms. You can enjoy some of the videos even if you are a girl and you want a porn star to bang you: there are virtual reality videos shot from the girls’ point of view too! The scenes cover full action: the girls strip, suck and get banged in several positions.

Final Resume

Thought the virtual reality is a fresh technology, it’s surprising well-covered. This is the magic of the Internet: they come up with some crazy-ass technology, and the porn producers implement it in a blink of an eye. The RealityLovers is recommended to VR porn fans. Regular porn watchers shouldn’t join this site, as the videos are not that good without VR gear. Nevertheless, the sex is juicy, and the quality is just as good as we expected!

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