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When the word safari is mentioned, I am sure that the very first thing that will pop out of your mind are animals and grasslands. I am also certain that sex will not make it up your top ten list of things that you would expect to find in the safari. You are ready for the usual herd of animals, animals preying on other animals, and many more of the stuff that customarily and consistently happens in a hunting expedition. What you will not expect is the sight of women receiving cocks and toys graciously and pleasurably. What you will not be expecting is the throng of strong sexual activities that seem to happen covertly or just plain brazenly. You will undoubtedly be forecasting and predicting the gang bangs, or the threesomes, the orgies, the DP’s, the anal sex, the fisting, the blow jobs, the hand jobs, or the tit jobs. You certainly won’t be expecting the BDSM! Well, if you are that person, one who does not expect anything much from an expedition, then maybe its time for me to introduce you to SafariSex.

SafariSex is a porn site being managed by ExtremeMovieCash. If you are not familiar with that company, then it would probably be because you are living under a big old rock. ExtremeMovieCash is a porn network mogul and they manage a lot of the porn industry’s most successful porn sites. They are known for their uniqueness and their exclusivity. As expected, SafariSex seems to be oozing with exceeding uniqueness and it won’t be hard to notice when you have found your way inside. Also, having to resort to sex in a safari-like setting is already an odd deal. That does not stop there though; it would not be a safari if you do not have the presence of African beauties – and SafariSex just has enough of those to fuel your sexual desires. This site has been around since early 2016 (yep, it is brand new) so do not expect any high number count for content or the likes.

Sure enough, this is not your every day, typical safari adventure but rest assured, with all the sexing up happening in this neighborhood, you will have a very hard time saying “no” to all these wild chicks and their sexual antics. Once you get a taste of SafariSex, it comes hard to turn back.

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Website Layout

SafariSex, like all other porn sites that are being managed by ExtremeMovieCash, has a rather normal-looking website. Normal in a sense that every single thing is what you would be finding in a “normal” porn website. It has a very safari feel to it starting from the background, up to the color schemes that they have chosen. Despite the normalcy that the website has, that certain quality is also a huge pro. The simplicity of the porn site makes the navigation very easy so its members won’t have any hard time making their way through somehow. Like most sites under the same management, SafariSex does not support any photo galleries, photo sets, or photos in general. What they do have, is a number of video caps that you can enjoy, anyway. These video caps present these women in different still scenes that seem very hardcore and sensual at the same time.

Right back to the website, once you have signed up for a premium membership, you can now have full access to the entirety of SafariSex. Once you are in, you will be greeted by a huge slide show of erotic photos. Just below that, you will be able to see links that are bound to take you to their home page, the movies’ page, and the members’ page. The home page or the main page is where you will find a number of video thumbnails and newly updated stuff. Speaking of updates, SafariSex updates weekly, with one to two videos added per week.

Each of these video thumbnails has time stamps and they are usually labeled if they are in HD or just recently put up. Sometimes, you might come across a scene where the men are speaking in different languages, but there are no subtitles being offered at the time being. Nevertheless, I still believe that action speaks louder than words so I do not really mind the lack of help, if I must say. Now, with the vast number of porn sites under the EMC network, you would expect a ton of freebies and bonus sites that come with your membership, but for SafariSex, such things do not exist. They do have plenty of videos right now. 

Models & Video Quality

SafariSex has all the wild chicks that represent the ebony genre. These women can up their game with just a snap of a finger, with less than effort to perform the most intense of sexual intercourse, in of course, many different ways. The ladies of the safari are up for anything that guarantees them all the pleasure in the world – especially when it comes to all the lewd and nasty things.

There are 55 – 60 movies at the very moment and all of these seem to be in high definition. You can either choose a 1440 x 1080 pixel resolution or a 788 x 576 pixel resolution while you stream the scenes on your browser or download them in MP4 format. All scenes have full playback and they usually last for 20 minutes.

Final Resume

This site is unique and I have never encountered a site that tackles on the same genre. There are things that need improvement but nothing major. Updates are weekly and the sex is amazing. I am totally recommending this right here.

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