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The SexAndSubmission offers the two things that are featured in the site’s name: sex and submission. It’s a heavy hardcore porn site with gorgeous porn stars, who are going to be dominated by their master, who gives them the hard fucking they deserve, while they don’t have a choice: they have to submit their will if they know what’s good for them. BDSM is a kinky, yet certainly very famous niche, and that’s why sites like the SexAndSubmission are so popular. However on this site there are more benefactors which helps it to be more successful than some others. While many sites offer non-exclusive content taken from DVDs, this spectacular page features exclusive scenes that were made in-house, and they are mostly shot in high quality; nowadays HD and Full-HD are the basic resolutions. There aren’t bonus videos inside, but the site is part of the Kink network, so you may get some nice discounts to other sites of the network. However, as a standalone site the SexAndSubmission stands it page, and worth the price, because it has a really large collection of porn videos you can’t find anywhere else, and due the dark nature of these scenes if you like this kind of sex, you will like this collection, and don’t care about extras.

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Website Layout

As the nature of the content the design of the home page is also really dark. The whole site is black, and the major options are usually highlighted with red text or frame. The site is organized nicely and it won’t cause any problem to find your way around here. On the top, you can see the banner of the site, followed by the menu. You can go to the store and the forums from there, and also an option can take you to a page with links to other Kink sites, and you may also download some preview videos under the appropriate menu. In tour mode, you can watch up to five preview trailers for the videos of the site. These clips grant you the necessary insight you may need to decide about whether to join the SexAndSubmission or not. For more info play with the video listing’s options. If you choose the Full option you get some more pictures from the shoots, thus you can get more info on what you may find inside. Once you log in, you will find it that the main design doesn’t change. The layout changes a bit, but the only difference is that the account-related menu appears above the banner. The site’s content and the bonuses (live cams, store, forums and special offers) are available from the main menu under the banner. The videos’ list is changeable, and there is a search engine that can help you with finding videos that cover your favorite niches. It may be useful if you have a definite thing in mind which you would like to see featured. When you open a videos’ page, you will find lots of viewing options. If you want to be sure you can either watch a trailer or take a look at the pictures. Every video is cut into clips, and you can save/view them one by one, or there is a zip option for these too. The streaming option is also pretty good, the player responds well, and the quality is amazing. In case you don’t prefer waiting for downloads, the in-browser playing will be quite satisfying for you. The FLV streams are accessible in 720p format too. For saving the scenes the site grants you either WMVs or MP4 files; there are various options, but the highest quality you can get is a normal HD. The photo gallery is also very huge: each video comes with a set of more than 150 pictures. These are usually photos, which you can view in the members’ zone, or save for later viewing. Downloading them in zip format is also an option the site offers various quality settings for that. SexAndSubmission is available for mobiles too, it has a nice optimized interface.

Models & Video Quality

These models are all professional pornstars. Most of them may be familiar from mainstream porn, but as you can see they turned to the dark side of the industry, and jumped right into the middle of kinky porn. There are lots of fake tits at play here, and the master really like to squeeze them hard. You can enjoy the submitting of Caucasian, Latina, Ebony and Asian cuties here, thus the variety is guaranteed. As for the videos, you may see that they are really varied. The variation is present in the heaviness too, because there are scenes that may be considered normal hardcore porn with a bit of kink (some gagging and anal sex), and there are the full-scale BDSM videos (that’s the majority) which feature every dark thing you could imagine. In the heaviest videos the girls really get it, while they are tied up like ham in the larder. Some scenes have full stories, and these are usually the longest: most of them go on for more than 50 minutes.

Final Resume

We know that for many the fact that there are no extra videos inside is bad, but you have to understand that this kind of porn may be heavy it doesn’t have such a large audience, so the site must find a way to keep. On the SexAndSubmission you can find heavy hardcore BDSM videos only, and if you like it, then join. To make a final conclusion, let’s say that the SexAndSubmission is a perfect site for those who like BDSM porn, and are looking for high quality.